Electrical Diagnose Passenger Side Window Motor/regulator?

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  1. Need some help-

    Tried to lift the window up and the window moved halfway up and then the motor sounded like it was moving/skipping and the window stopped moving. i was able to lift the window by pulling up while hitting the switch. It will barely move now.. it will go down an inch or two last i tried.. but will not go up without help.

    Did some reading and i am leaning towards the gear on the motor being stripped but i am not sure.?

    95 gt front pass window.
  2. Sounds like a gear problem. Pull it out and replace the gear - it is super easy.
  3. gear on the motor, right? any how to on that?
  4. thanks boss
  5. Another source with pictures.

  6. hardest part is getting the door panel off. I read about some people using bolt heads so they wouldn't break down and wont have to be replaced.
  7. Nuts would be easier than bolt heads.
  8. I just paid the seven dollars for the bushings. If I have the car in 17 more years then i'll worry about it when the time comes.
  9. so i took the motor out and found this piece lingering in the bottom of the door.. doesnt look like part of the regulator though? not sure what it is..

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