Did A Donut And Broke My Power Steering?

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  1. i just installed a new steering rack a couple months ago (just an autozone one) and for the first time did a couple small donuts in my car... then i go to pull away and feel i have no power steering.

    there is ,what must be, power steering fluid spewed all over the driver side steering rack and inside the driver side tire area

    what should i look for first?
  2. update:

    one of the power steering lines going from the pump to the rack is spewing fluid. im guessing this was already an existing hole and i just made it worse.

    there are two lines that go from the pump to the rack, one with some kind of outlet on it for a plug. that is the one that is leaking fluid. is this a common line?

    i meant to take pictures but its raining now
  3. The one with the electrical connection would be the high pressure hose. Im guessing it used to be a 4 cylinder car since it has a pressure sensor on the pressure line.

  4. yeah its a 4 cyl swap i've just bought it a few months ago
  5. so i should just buy the pressure line i linked and swap it right?
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  7. the place i point in the second picture is where its leaking ( it was never connected). couldnt i do some kind of rubber hose repair because they wont have the part til tomorrow and i dont want to fry my pump
  8. No rubber hose repair on that line. Pressure is too high.
  9. Ok ill just soak in penetrating oil tonight and hope it comes off easy tomorrow
  10. I had to do one of those not that long ago... Had to hold my tongue just right to get the new in there without cross threading it. Install the new one on a day you're feeling exceptionally patient.
  11. Power steering pressure lines:
    Each hose uses an O ring on each end to seal them. The hoses will swivel when they are installed and tightened into place. That is why there are O rings on the fittings. The O ring is the part that actually makes the pressure seal. If you slide the nut all the way back as far as it will go, you will see the O ring and the groove cut into the center section of the fitting.


    Sometimes you will get some white Teflon rings with the pump or rack. The rings go on the threaded part of the fitting to reduce or prevent small leaks. They are not meant to seal the pressure part of the line or substitute for the rubber O ring. Heat the white Teflon seals in hot water and they will be easier to install. You can install the fittings without them and not have any leaks if the O rings seal good.
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  12. image.jpg

    This is the end of line . I had to to re-use the fitting that goes into the pump it didn't come with the line. This piece came out really easy, now I can't get it back in for the life of me. This picture shows where the threads seem widened. That Is the only reason I could think
  13. It's a pain the ass but it WILL go back in. I remember fidgeting with the angle of the hose fitting for quite a while before it thread back in correctly.

  14. Can i fix the thread on it? i fought with it for atleast and hour straight and couldnt get it too thread in by any means. the line that goes to the rack gave me a little trouble but i got it on about my 5th try.
  15. You could try a thread file and get that rolled thread straightend out.
  16. Im getting a decent leak from the connection to the rack. i believe I have the o-ring in good it even stayed on the end of line when I took it off the last time. The only thing i think it could be is the Teflon piece it is completely shredded after being on and off.

  17. It the rack connections don't look like the ones in the drawing I posted, they probably don't use O rings. A flare fitting definitely doesn't use O rings.
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  18. if funds allow why dont you just replace all the lines and be done with it? thats what i did just for peace of mind.
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  19. there is only one other line aware of, the other one from the pump to the rack. i guess i should have done that but it is currently my daily so i needed it running asap

    i got it to seal eventually. Apparently i just didnt have the o-ring placement just right. It was like the drawings you posted