Did A Quick Walk Around Video After Cleaning Her Up A Little

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  2. what happened to the video?
  3. No works for me
  4. wtf I must be a noob. I can see it

  5. Now it is viewable. Nice looking stang.
  6. Clean azzz Stang bro! Thanks!
  7. You must have an ignition miss. It doesn't idle very smoothly at all. ;)

    That be one noisy valvetrain you've got there partner. Real clean though. :nice:
  8. Video not working again? The CAI looks clean! ;)

  9. Worked for me ...

    That is one nice ride Mike, except some vandal put an FSU tag on it ;)
  10. oooh, now we all gonna spam your fb account ;)
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  11. I can see the mustard ads already.lol
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  12. Looks awesome. Real clean.
  13. I like a clean Vert
  14. The first video that I can say that sounds like you are actually standing there.

    Sounds very cool.

    Loud, but very cool. ;)
  15. Ah, the dreaded tb whistle
  16. Is that what that is? I thought my intake was jacked up, or reducing my vacuum lines made mine whistle like that.
  17. it's usually the sharp edges inside the throttle body where the iac mounts. A quick hit with a dremel to smooth out the air transition will fix it right up
  18. This is exactly why I went with the more expensive Accufab throttle body, over the more popular (cheaper) BBK unit.