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  1. I see alot of people use mobile 1 synthetic oil. Being I race dirtbikes I try to use the best oil around cause I have to change the oil in my bike about ever 10hours of use. Amsoil conducted a study between the leading brands of synthetic oils for cars as compared to Amsoil. As expected Amsoil left minimal wear scares on the engin components. As for the leading Synthetic oil brands, Castoral Syntec Left the LEAST amount of wear scars and Mobile 1 Left the MOST wear scares. Any Sythetic motor oil is better then conventional oil but the best "Cheap" synthetic oil is Syntec.
  2. Where did you find that information? I have used both and would like to know for sure if I should stick with the Castrol.
  3. Been running Mobil1 for 6 years in my motor, and I pulled the heads off last year to install my AFR's, and my cylinder walls had 0 ridge and still had the factory cross hatches in them. I don't think it's wearing too bad. :shrug:
  4. I went to Binghampton and raced at Broom-Tioga, there was an Amsoil truck there and they had all kinds of studies and crap conducted my Amsoil. I think if you requested an Amsoil catalog all the info is in there to.
  5. Do you think Amsoil would release a study that didn't show them to be the best? Think of it this way; if you could use petroleum oil and have your engine last 200,000 miles or more and synthetic is generally better, does it really matter what brand you use?

    BTW, I heard a long time ago that Castrol Syntec was actually mixed with petroleum. I dont know how or even if thats true, though. Doesnt matter because I use petro oil anyway. Why pay twice as much if my engine wont last twice as long?
  6. Amsoil better be on top at 7.50 a Quart lol
  7. so they say that they (amsoil) are #1 (least) and castrol is next?

  8. Amsiol is Signifcantly better but out of the leading brands Castrol is the Best.
  9. not trying to start an argument, but from what I understand, synthetic sticks in the cyc. walls longer, so if you leave your car sitting for a couple days, oil will still be in the cyc. to coat it on a cold start and decrease wear....we all know startup does a lot of damage to a motor. Also, synthetic is supposed to be better for cold weather. If you go to www.motoroilbible.com, there's a lot of good info. I thought about buying the book, but I haven't. I personally use Castrol Syntec Full Synthetic in my stangs...5 quart jug at wal-mart for like $20 after tax. Some people swear by other oils, use what you want. Some have better results with other stuff, just like with anything.
  10. 380,000 miles later (88 5.0) using 15-40 mobile one. Top end changed at 340,000 miles with trick flow h,c,i the motor puts out over 300 rwh uses a quart of oil per 3500 miles, same as when it had 34,000 miles. Short block has nice cross hatch in cyl's no ridge and the bearings are all with in spec. Car got 29 mpg on trip from FL to Mo last year on the best tank got 27 average on trip. ( With tfs equipmet) There most likely is a better oil but why fight it I'm happy. This one's only had mobile one.
  11. Until you see a truly neutral research project done, with no hope of financial benefit from anyone, you can't believe anything you read like that. I've personally been convinced that Mobil-1 is the best allaround oil for me, and it's good enough for most of the top-performaing cars in the world as well...plus I can buy it anywhere and not wait for it to be shipped to me.
  12. hahaha true..amsoils annoying with there shipping...my friend and his dad heard 1 damn story from someone how amsoil is the best and bla bla and now they argue for amsoil everytime its brought up :rolleyes: