Did I expect too much?

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  1. So I had purchased the ESP along with the car. The brake replacement and install alone will cover the cost in the long-run, so I figured why not. Of course, part of the ESP is the oil changes. So at 2300 miles, confident everything had seated properly, I took it in to swap the conventional with full synthetic. Come to find out that my ESP only had the synthetic blend option and the tech came to notify me (thankfully). The finance manager and I had discussed it and I gave him the go ahead to add it on. He wasn't there when I took it in and the other finance managers, understandably, couldn't just fix it for me. So I took the car back home, not wanting synthetic blend in the car.

    Now, a simple oil change is no big deal in the grand scheme of things. I can do it myself, but if I've already paid for it, why not have it done for me? Would it have been too much of a burden for the techs to have taken care of it this time, putting in full synthetic, until I got it straightened out with my finance manager? I mean, the difference in cost for them between synthetic blend and full synthetic isn't significant, and they all agreed that the oil in the 5.0 should be full synthetic. The techs and the staff were all courteous and understanding, and its not like they were trying to pull one over on me, but did I expect too much in thinking Ford would try a little harder to take care of a Mustang owner?

    tl;dr kinda just venting over arguably the biggest no-big-deal complaint in history.
  2. The Synthetic Blend Motorcraft Oil is the "default" oil at the dealers now. For alot of the techs, it is just force of habit to do an oil change with synthetic blend. Granted, there are those owners out there, like yourself, who want full synthetic oil. Some of these owners go as far as to bring in their own synthetic oil for the dealer to "install". I would not see the ESP putting a wrench in the system, but it might require a reminder or two regarding the fact you want full synthetic oil in your vehicle. Maybe the Service Department could make a note in your customer file to use only synthetic oil.

    As to why Ford would not do this from the factory, I see money as the main driving factor. As you stated an oil change is not a deal breaker, but to use only synthetic oil does up the cost of maintainance over a certain period by a specific amount. Also, there are, unfortunately, some Mustang owners who do care that much about their cars and just want a simple, "cheap" oil change.
  3. What they explained was that there is an option for full synthetic in the ESP. It was just not added to my purchase, which is why it didn't show up for the techs. Basically, I wanted the addon, was under the impression I had it, only to find out I didn't. The service manager/tech said that since I didn't have the full synthetic option in my ESP, I would have to pay the difference for the oil. That's when I brought up that I had asked for the full synthetic only to find that it was never put into my ESP.
  4. I can understand your frustration, but also understand why the service department couldn't fix it for you. They have no idea if your finance guy is going to square you away, or tell you that the upgrade is going to cost some outrageous price, which you then walk from, and they wind up eating the cost. We all want goodwill, but somewhere the business has to pay for it. While we all like to think businesses, especially dealership's, make obscene amounts of money, the reality is that they work on margins, and can't be giving everything away. And I want them to save all their goodwill for ME. :)
  5. Why wouldn't any of the finance managers on duty collect the extra money from you to upgrade your Maintenance Plan?
  6. I had originally wanted the upgrade of the ESP. They gave me the option to do so, but I passed, wanting to talk to the person who set me up with the plan beforehand. I was under the impression I had the upgrade from the start.
  7. The car comes from the factory with the synthetic blend. I did my first oil change at 2300 miles and used the same synthetic blend the car came with. The NEXT oil change (at 10k miles) I went full synthetic. Hope you get it sorted out - sucks to pay for something and then not have it be what you were expecting. In the meantime, your car will be fine.
  8. Huh. this is news to me. I thought it came with conventional from the factory. Are you sure it comes with synthetic blend?
  9. yes it comes with synthetic blend from the factory.