Did I gain any RWHP?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by BuffaloZone, Jun 29, 2004.

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  1. Removed my Cobra Nose and reinstalled my "Original" GT Nose. Am I the only one that actually prefers the retro look of the original grille? Plus being smaller, I hope to have less "drag" (to help offset the giant wing). The main reason for removal was actually because I didn't like the curled-up Cobra lip...and some turd-smear did a super suck surface prep job on the bumper cover before painting it - looked perfect for a few months, but now tiny bubbles are popping up all along the bottom.
  2. If you didn't touch the engine, you didn't gain any hp.
    On a different note, go find the offending turd smear that did your bumper and "roshambo" him... Or make him fix it.
  3. yeah, you are not going to gain any hp from switching out a bumper. However, I don't know what the drag created from a GT or Cobra bumper is and I doubt it is anything significant.
  4. i was wondering the same thing. Does my 03 cobra bumper create more drag than my 03 gt bumper?
  5. Is this a serious thread??
  6. lol.. be nice now...
  7. This has got to be a joke. How would a bumper change rwhp???
  8. any drag would be seriously negligible. its just looks. I prefer the GT bumper on a GT anyway.
  9. omg that is the dumbest question I have heard. rwhp from a bumper? wtf
  10. Congratulations! You win the "Most Stupiderest Thread Ever Award"!!!!

  11. amount of RWHP gained depends on which style of Vtec sticker you attached to the new bumper
  12. :rlaugh: :lol: :jester:
  13. You left out multiplying the coefficient of hp given with every inch of height of wing you have. Also, 2 wings = 2x h.p.
  14. lol at this thread
  15. Don't mud your shorts.
    Guess you never heard about drag reduced top speed? Looks like any thing that would reduce top speed would *cost* you -- Removal/Replace = "gain"?

    Eat it. :D

  16. That's what you did? Really? :rolleyes:
  17. nothing to the outside body moldings will give a hp gain...but just remember to change your blinker fluid every 5,000 miles...
  18. I guess this is ricer logic... wing = downforce = stabler at high speed = go faster = more hp!!


    In all seriousness, I know I topped out aerodynamically/powerwise at about 146ish, but I wasn't maxed RPM wise.... However, front splitter, like a cobra R splitter, installed properly might help cut down the wind resistance enough for me to hit 150ish... :shrug:
  19. How can a larger diameter brake rotor eat up HP at WOT?
  20. You do?... :p
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