Did I gain any RWHP?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by BuffaloZone, Jun 29, 2004.

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  1. I doubt it...

    Just after you said I was right? And after you said you really liked my posting style?

    Does that mean you're :owned: ?


  2. If you claim that there's nothing "better" for you do, then why gripe about the thread?

  3. And I responded with quite a good amount of information on "drag" aka "downforce" and you still haven't had any comment on it. I answered your question several pages ago.

    "To see if someone could actually comprehend the actual entire body of --text-- of the original posting? "
    Do you go to a steakhouse to eat chinese? Do you buy a can of red paint hoping it will be blue? Why didnt you just title this thread: "Which has least amount of drag?" That would have made sense.
  4. I'm not exactly a genuis, but I think that if you floor it on the street with a warmed engine, then hp output would be very close to flooring it on the rolling dyno, with the big fan, and the engine warmed. You should be banned for this thread though.
  5. EXACTLY...BAN HIM!!!!
  6. why the hell has this thread grown to its size? don't ban him... just stop responding to his claims if you think he is an idiot. You guys are responsible for the monster this loon has grown into. Instead of permanently banning someone, just get smart and ignore him. It is taking more than just him to make this thread retarded.

  7. Because you are so SPANKED!!!! and :owned: that you're still being controlled from one end of this thread to the oth'r after you said it was "END OF STORY" ?? Seems like your "END OF STORY" meant that you were just starting to read the book.


  8. I was talking about going "uphill" and putting a "strain" on the engine. And, no, a "big fan" (used for a dyno) isn't the same as being "on the street". You can stand in front of those 48" big fans and you'll get your shirt tossed around pretty good, but try standing up on a flat trailer at highway speed - probably get blown off the trailer...


    You have double standards?

  9. :lock:

    It's on the menu?
  10. You tell me.. I hate chinese food
  11. Black guy = All of Stangnet
    White guy = Buffalozone

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