Did I gain any RWHP?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by BuffaloZone, Jun 29, 2004.

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  1. That's why --you-- said:

    "They WILL use up more of that rear wheel horsepower to turn, but they won't change the amount of rear wheel horsepower"

    They suck up HP, but it won't "change" the HP numbers? That's like saying a product WILL really increase your fuel economy, but it sure won't change the amount of miles you can drive on a tank of fuel.

    :rlaugh: :lol: :banana:
  2. I personally think Buffalo is absolutely right here. I mean it's obvious that he's a Nascar guru, so he must know everything about our cars!

    However, the real question is whether or not he put it in on the dyno to know if it was 10 or 20 rwhp? :rlaugh:
  3. No stupid.

    It's like this: You put the car on a dyno and it puts down 250 rwhp, and then you bolt on some larger rotors. Lets say the rotors use up 5 hp more to turn than the stock rotors. So...the rotors are using 5 of that 250 rwhp. So...you're still making 250 rwhp, but you only have 245 rwhp to use for acceleration, because the rotors are sucking up 5 of it. The amount of power didn't change, just the amount you have to use.

    Jackass. Someone lock this **** up.
  4. Only on Stangnet would 4 pages be needed to explain to someone that bumbers don't add horsepower. Just lock this please for the love of god. :lock:
  5. Hmmmm.... rwhp is measured at the point where the tire touches the ground. If rotors are causing a loss due to extra rotational mass. the loss is before the the point where the measurment is being taken, and would be considered drivetrain loss. So NO you would NOT still be making 250 rwhp. Calling someone stupid then posting an ignorant post is not very wise.
  6. What he's asking is if these changes (rotors, bumper) would give him an increase in power. The answer is NO. He's stupid because he's arguing that they do increase power.

    I see your point regarding the rwhp being measured at the tires. What I was trying to get at is this: changing the rotors is not going to give the car any more power. It will only lower the amount of "useable" power. See what i mean? I guess rwhp = useable power, so you're (jstreet0204) right. I don't think it has as much affect as he thinks it does though.
  7. Removing body parts or adding new ones will not affect HP numbers. Putting huge wings on will effect downforce, which is not always a bad thing. Look at the maximum motorsports american iron series racecars, they all have huge wings. WHY? Because of high speed stability, the wing is designed to force air down, thus keeping the car planted to the ground as best as possible. However, if your suspension is built to launch a car (a drag car as opposed to a road course car) you want a more streamlined wing that flows air in another way, hence how dragsters have the wing extended past the trunk to push air down on the very end of the car, so the front wheels pop and all the weight is transferred to the back; wheras road course cars want the downforce across the whole area of the car, to keep it planted (LeMans, TransAm series, etc). Bottom line: Body parts dont add or decrease HP. Wings affect the way downfoce is applied to a car. Roush/Saleen/Cobra R body parts are meant to make the car more aerodynamic, which goes back to the whole idea of changing body parts: make the car more stable at higher speeds.

  8. You did it again jackass. It doesn't matter in context because it is independent of engine power. Of course it matters in Nascar, but it still doesn't change the RWHP of their cars.
  9. Correct, when measuring power at the wheels, which is where it counts, rotors can have an effect on the power. But the bumper thing does not. Power = force*distance / time
    by reducing drag you are just reducing the amount of force required to move the car. Doing so keeping the distance the same, the time would also decrease, but the power would remain the same.
  10. No. 'tupid.

    You can't "use" up 5 HP and --remove-- that HP from the total Dyno numbers and end up with --less-- HP at the wheels, but then turn right around and say that you're still "making 250 rwhp". You claim that "you're still making 250 rwhp, but you only have 245 rwhp". You think that Different = Same??

  11. Because you're so torn up that you can't stop replying --after-- you said that you had nothing left to say?

  12. StngStr: "They WILL use up more of that rear wheel horsepower to turn, but they won't change the amount of rear wheel horsepower"

  13. Make up your mind.

    I never said that it absolutely --did-- change the RWHP. I asked "Did I" - I never said "I Did".

  14. Once again RWHP is measured where the tires touches the ground. I the power doesn't make it there it doesn't get counted. That's like saying your engine produces 500 hp, but due to the fact that it has to pump oil turn the crank, turn the alternator, water pump etc. it only produces 260.
  15. No. 'tupid. I said larger rotors and wheels will/can --decrease-- RWHP, but I never said that bumpers --will-- increase power. I asked, I didn't say "yes". But you're the 'tupid one that claims RWHP can be reduced...but the reduction of RWHP didn't actually reduce the RWHP...

  16. Exactly. I wasn't agreeing with StngStr. :)
  17. There will be no difference in your car other than looks.
  18. Ok I got ya! :nice:

  19. It won't have an effect on the "drag"? Really?

  20. Again...changing--your--bumper--won't--change--the--amount--of--rwhp.

    Ok, I agree that changing rotors can change the amount of RWHP, you are right.

    But...you're still stupid for thinking that changing your bumper would give you any more rwhp. You're also stupid for typing--all--your--responses--like--this--.
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