Did I gain any RWHP?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by BuffaloZone, Jun 29, 2004.

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  1. Amen. Lock this thread and fire up the ban-o-matic.
  2. that has been explained to him several times. instead of understanding that, he turns around anyones statements and gripes on some point that was irrelevent. notice he has never come back to mention his original question...all he has done is turned people's responses into something about nascar and brake rotors. Twice i've explained that drag and power are independent, but instead he has taken HALF of my statement, quoted it, and said something stupid about kyle petty or nascar. The original question is no longer the problem, it's the poster's ignorance and stubbornness. Unfortunately I have nothing better to do than post in this thread
  3. Then why post with a misleading subject line? What you meant to ask and what you've been trying to spit out for the past 7 pages is irrelevant to your original topic. So tell me, is ignorance bliss?
  4. I cannot believe this thread is not locked. Good god, this freak is eating this stuff up.

    Hey...Buffalo jagoff

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  5. Dude..you got snagged up, tripped up and hung all up in the "Subject Line". Perhaps you should have tried to comprehend the entire body of text instead of letting the "Subject Line" get you so tangled up...and then you wouldn't be mudding up your shorts.

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  6. That made you seem a bit insecure and unsure of your abilities.

    If you put a "strain" on an engine, do you think that "strained" engine will put less HP to the ground?

  7. To see if someone could actually comprehend the actual entire body of --text-- of the original posting?

    See. You just proved my point. In my entire original text I --never-- mentioned HP in the body of the text, but I did mention "drag" and said it was mainly a *looks* issue.

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  8. Good morning.

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  9. That's like saying "fast" isn't "quick".

    Entry: fast
    5. swift: quick: speedy

  10. Most of the time when someone talks about a car being fast, they are referring to top speed. Quick is getting from point A to point B quickly.

    For example...A car that does 0-60 in 4.0 seconds but is only geared for 100mph top speed isn't very fast. But, it's pretty quick.

    See? :shrug:

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  11. I only read about the first page and a half of this horrid thread, so sorry if this has been brought up or if he got the smarts to clarify what the hell he was talking about.
    The vast majority of your argument is based on the fact you know of a dyno that will factor in wind resistance ect... Given this fact, along with the fact that on any given day the same dyno with the same car, in the same conditions can give you results differing in 1-3rwhp... I would say your plan of going to this marvelous dyno to get your gains in rwhp from your bumper swap is :bs: The minimal gains in top end mph you would gain would hardly even warrent a change in the dyno. Granted your amazing dyno could notice a change in wind resistance and give you higher MPH #'s, but not RWHP #'s. You may have ment mph change when making this pos thread, but you stated rwhp change for some odd reason. On top of that you get into a mine is bigger arguement with everyone :rolleyes: Ever heard of MustangWorld.com... sign up there!
  12. Uh oh...here comes the quotes and -- around all the words.

    Bet he says:

    "Ever heard of MustangWorld.com...sign up there!"

    BuffaloToe says, "So you know about that place? Go there often?" :nonono:

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  13. Sadly that place does have better tech articles than we do :nonono: Stangnet needs to get on the ball with tech stuff man. Thats all this site is missing is some serious how to install this/that advice... HINT HINT!!!
  14. Not all of the time...


  15. Because you can't stop yourself from being controlled into responding on a thread that you said "END OF STORY" on?...


  16. You --JUST-- said that it would - "use up"/reduce rwhp.

    Again... Will = Won't???
  17. Liar. You seem desperate. :cool:

    You can't keep up? :D
  18. I'm done with this kid. Good bye thread.
  19. Do you think that if you put some *outside* "strain" on an engine...the engine will put just a tiny bit --less-- rwhp down to the ground? Can you convince yourself that a engine runnining on an engine stand going uphill in the back of a truck will make the same HP as it would make if it was actually "driving" the truck? Or that a happy little engine screaming freely on a nicely rolling Dyno is actually going to put the exact same HP right down to the ground...as the same motor out in the "real world", if that engine is being negated by an outside "strain"/*opposing* force when that engine is forced to work just a little bit harder, but it still just doesn't sound as stron' as it normally would under a controlled and ideal situation?

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