Did I just blow up my T-45?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by shoobs99svt, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. 99 Cobra 88,000 miles.

    Lots of bolt ons including 550 miles on new Centerforce DF / Fidanza Fly / TOB / Pilot Bearing / U-joints.
    10,000 miles on fluid change with Redline ATF.
    OTW immaculate maintenance record throughout.
    I've raced it twice, once with DRs, total of no more than 15 passes, over 1 year ago.

    Today on freeway I downshifted to 4th to pass a Jeep "infringing" on my space. No more than 75 mph at 1/2 throttle...

    BOOM went the sound (similar to falling out of gear)...
    Horrible vibration...
    Gear shift lever rocking left to right, so violent I could not hold onto it...
    Pissing fluid evident in white smoke out back...

    Shut car OFF (instinctive) and coasted to emergency lane. Im lowered a bit, and all I could see underneath was fluid dripping from trans front and back (btw I was parked on slight decline). Clutch pedal goes to floor, no resistance. Evident ATF red fluid and associated smell... this isnt a half shaft or an IRS issue. Towed it to a very reputable mustang shop in Ft Mill SC.

    At this point I understand everyone here can only speculate the damage, and I understand that. However, until they get under my car to explore I am doing my research to be ready for what can/does come next.

    Does this sound familiar to anyone else? Outcomes? I find it hard to swallow that my 305 hp baby just blew up the trans at 88k miles.

    PS If anyone wants to do me a kindness and post on Corral that would help as well, I have an acct there but never able to post and no mods will answer my kind PMs.
  2. My money is on the flywheel came apart or the clutch. Something in that area. But like you said speculate is all you can do. Be sure to let us know what happened.

    I have a hard spot in my heart due to Corral. Im not saying anything bad about them, but my personal oppinion is I will not look for info there or be bringing up their view count at all.