Did My Rear Control Arms Actually Work?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by smkshw, Jul 1, 2014.

  1. maybe a dumb question but still going to ask,i recently installed sve upper and lower control arms,before i installed them wich was last year,i was able to blow the tires off in second gear no problem,now ive been driving it for a few weeks and second gear dosnt break loose at all?,i know it eliminates wheel hop and gives better traction but did anyone else have this good success?,and yes i know traction is a good thing but i have a 331 stroker with 356 rwhp and 378rwtq i would think i could still spin my street tires no?

    im just wondering because after driving it a while my mind is playing tricks on me now that my car may feel a little slower from last year?,or maybe these things may have worked that good?
  2. I think you're right to question it. Checked your motor mounts lately?
  3. no?,they are new?,can i ask why?...thanks
  4. maybe im just getting used to it i dont know but im almost to the point of going back for a dyno to see if its pulls the same numbers before i hit the track again this year
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  5. I wondered about the mounts because a broken mount softens the hit of acceleration, which can make the car feel lazy. Personally I think taking it to the dyno or the track is a good idea or it's going to eat away at your soul.
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  6. i see,well yes it is eating away now!
  7. I second the idea on just running on the dyno for your piece of mind. If you drive even the fastest car long enough it will eventually start to seem slow
  8. im booked in this following sat...lol,still feels fast dont get me wrong,but just got me thinking....first gear of coarse spins if i hit it but second actually grabs now and stresses at the beginning instead of laying some rubber like before,if its the control arms i will be impressed....
  9. Me too. I will be wanting some of those.
  10. Good control arms usually improve traction. How much they help will vary from car to car.
  11. The one thing I really noticed from control arms is that they kept my car straight. It will still smoke the tires, but the car goes pretty straight for the most part.

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  12. gave it some gas last night,it still feels strong but for $75 to double check that everything is up to par, is good for the soul,ill report back after dyno run,if i have the same numbers,then control arms definitely helped...if not then im paying for another tune!
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  13. just finished the dyno,when i took it last feb it did 356rwhp,now in 30deg heat it did 344rwhp,the tuner says everything is perfect not to worry and the lower numbers is because of the warmer air,so who knows,maybe they worked,ill find out in october i guess...lol
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  14. Im going to guess its the control arms. Your still making enough power to fry your tires and a 12whp decrease wouldn't change that. Hell I fry tires in 2nd all day long with my tired beat down 302 with bolt ons.
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  15. i was thinking the same,plus the summer heat also,but if thats the case then im impressed,looking forward to see how they perform at the track when i go also.
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  16. Mine did the same. I'm pushin 500+ and my friends are always "that second gear is monster!" Last guy I took on a ride said he felt like he couldn't breath when I hit second. It's the control arms.