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  1. I have a 2001 BULLITT mustang and had a 75 shot of gas on it, sprayed it 1 time thru 2nd and 3rd gear, parked the car and let it run for about 15 minutes. Turned car off and went inside, came back out about 15-20 mins later, went to crank it up and there was a LOUD pop, now my car wont turn over or nothing, and somehow the bolt to my crankshaft has been rounded off. Can anyone help me figure out what i did to it??
  2. Sounds like operator error.
  3. What did i do?
  4. once more

    nitrous is like a fine a** girl with STD's you know you want to hit it, but you will have to suffer the consequences.
  5. That still didnt tell me what i did to it?
  6. You blowed it up!
  7. Did you puirge the line after you were done? When you run nitrous, there will be some left in the lines. Its always a good idea to purge it after you are done using it or racing.
  8. I did not purge, I'm being serious Is there anyone out there who can help me figure out what i did?
  9. I think you just answered your own question.
  10. :shrug:
  11. Ok I didnt purge but that doesnt tell me what would have happend to my motor since i didnt purge???
  12. check your spark plugs, a 75 shoot is to small to blow it up.
  13. You are going on my ignore list.
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  15. me!?
  16. no the Ijustlost guy. I mean WON.
  17. From all his other gibberish he has posted. I have gathered the car through a rod or something because the bottom end has been damage.

    My point about the purge is that I have no idea what this guy has done so Im assuming from all the other crap he posted that he didnt have any safety items on his Nitrous setup. If he left the Nitrous engaged and didnt have a window switch or a WOT switch, and forgot to purge, then the nitrous could have been engaged if there was some left in the lines when he closed his bottle.

    With a crack or a hole in the intake, the car wil still run but run like crap.
  18. Well Mogs, this guy is asking a serious question here. He may have destroyed his engine. Cut him a little slack.

    Check for cracks on your intake manifold. See if the engine can be manually turned. Maybe consider taking the car to a professional mechanic and have him look it over. I hope it's nothing big.