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  1. Yes, but only if the debris is small enough and there is alot of it. If you've hydro-locked it, there probably won't be any detectable debris in the oil. However, there may be signs other than debris in the oil.

    I'd really like to know more specifics about your nitrous setup.
  2. 'o1 Steeed what do you wanna know?
  3. Go snap some pictures of the engine if you got a digital camera, this might shed some light on something.
  4. Well the car was suppose 2 be taken to the shop today to find out whats really wrong, im jus tryin to get some sort of idea what it could be so ill know what to prepare myself for??
  5. Holy crap guys! Im thinking he asked cause maybe someone else has had this problem and he doesnt wanna take it apart if there is maybe an easier fix. Give the guy a break! It really doesnt matter what size shot youre running if you dont do it safely. Did you hit the rev limiter at all?
  6. As far as the N2O goes, what type of activation do you have? What is the window on rpm?
  7. I NEVER hit the rev limiter, not revved past 5800........75 shot checked the JETS AND am POSITIVE it was only 75, and thanks for the help sonic im jus tryint to see if anyone has had this happen to them cuz while eveyrone is tellin me i blew the whole mottor and **** and what if its something miner?? That means i jus spent a few thousand when it would have only cost a few hundred.....To be as old as some of you are there are a lot of immature ****es whining and complaining out there.........
  8. I'd have to say this thread is lacking. All of you that gave input seem to be real intellegent people. Infact i am learning a bit from you all....all except the author. I think he should just take it to the shop, and stop picking our brains. I have no problems giving advice to people, but he didn't answer anyones questions, and provided very vague descriptions. The only advice i could give this kid is to put a crank bolt in it, pull out all the plugs, and crank the engine with a breaker bar and socket. With no plugs there will be no compression, therefor a healthy (or unseized) motor will turn relatively effortlessly. If he can't do taht himself, then he better go to a mechanic. This place is to get advice, not diagnosis. Amen. :flag:
  9. GO out and look under your dash at all your fuses. I had a fuse blow on me it was the bottom left,Its one of the small ones. I never touched anything electrical on my car before ,it just blew! This may not be it but thats what my car was doing,kinda clicking but would not turn over at all!
  10. I can't beleive I read all 3 pages !

    I still don't know if it's a wet or dry system ! :shrug:

    The crank bolt has nothing to do with the incident .

    Here's what I think :

    If it's a wet system the fuel solenoid was leaking ( or got stuck open ) and filled the engine , so remove the plugs ( it should smell fuel ) and crank it over without plugs , if it was full of fuel it will spray from the spark plug holes , if it's the case a oil change is mandatory do not run the engine that way , the fuel will disolve the oil and wear your engine lightning fast.

    If it's a dry shot I'll guess it filled the cylinders and when you cranked it over it detonate badly and twisted a rod or something like that.

    You did not anwser you the question asked by other people , looks like you have a stroker kit or some like that so you must know about your car you should be able to tell us more about the kit unless I read too fast and missed the part that you talked about the kit itself.. :scratch:

    I'm running a 100 shot in my car for 2 years now and never ever had a problem except that my NOS solenoid quit on me but I replaced it and that's it... :nice:
  11. what kit are you using?
    is it a wet or dry kit?
    who installed it?

    this kinda seems like a user error here. did you spray at WOT? how does the nitrous activate?

    i'm using a 60 shot of zex on my civic and i've never had a problem like this. although i don't spray very often :). i upgraded the ignition, fuel pump, and bought colder spark plugs. did you do any of that?

    i don't think a 75 shot will blow your motor, i can run a 75 shot on my motor with no problems and its a 4cyl. i think you may have done something wrong that caused the motor to mess up.

    have you dropped the oil pan to look for any metal shavings?
    did you check all your fuses?
    did you do a compression test?
    did you do a leak down test?
    did you check for any holes in your block or intake manifold?

    do some test on the motor and then post the results. you may get better answers that way.
  12. :stupid:
    Hes totaly right man, for us to help you, weve all pretty much covered every possibility. now you gatta do your part...give us some answers so we can start rulling things out with you. Until then were just guessing and running in circles.
  13. let us know what the mechanic who actually got to look at your engine said, I think we're all interested. Hopefully its nothing too expensive, its sounds like you tried to take the cheap route(or simply did not know) and failed to install the safety stuff for the nitrous.
  14. I'm interested to see what happened. Did you end up taking it to the mechanic?
  15. anyone? anyone? Buhler?
  16. I guess no update for us?
  17. GRRRRRRR. I want an update damnit!
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