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  1. Our Mustangs connecting rods are powdered metal! Thats pressed metal. Weak as hell! With nitrous the bottom end WILL eventually fail, this is the waekest link, not the plastic intake.
  2. update

    I am a friend of the guy that ownes the Bullitt and started this thread...obviously he hasn't gotten around to updating you all on his situation. Just so you all don't think hes a d*** and didn't want to update you guys I'll let you all in on whats goin on.
    He took it to the shop about 1 1/2 months ago and they still haven't even got around to lookin at it. His mother is supposed to call the shop for him today as he is in Jacksonville NC and his car is in VA. Ill tell him to get on here and post what goes on with his car from here.
  3. His mother :rolleyes: how ****ing lame. 2 months, wow.
  4. I'm not sure if it matters whether it was a wet or dry system in this case. I think what might have happened is that the N20 solenoid leaked. As someone else in this thread mentioned, it will seek the low point and fill whichever cylinder has an open intake valve. N20 is approximately 60% more dense than atmosphere, considering that the atmosphere is only 20% O2 and N2O contains one oxygen atom vs 2 for O2, the piston would only need to be 1/4 of the way down for an equivalent 100% volumetric efficiency, yet highly volatile charge.

    The injectors dump a ton of fuel in the startup algorithm, so what most likely happened is that he ended up with a cylinder full of N20 and plenty of fuel to ignite it, probably before the piston hit TDC. The end result would be a broken crankshaft