Did SRT Handz fall off the face of the planet?

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  1. I noticed that he's posted just like once or twice in the past month or so. Anyone know why he isn't around like he used to be? Did someone make fun of his mommy???
  2. he bought an SRT-4
  3. :stupid: yeah, the NEW srt-4
  4. he's on tour
  5. WOW... everyone noticed i am gone.....OMG....

    Sorry i havent posted as much as usual. school has been kicking my ass. Plus i went to play at the drumline national competitionin San Fransico and have been gone at Buttonwillow raceway.

    sorry if i havent posted latley.....all you mustang dudes are AWSOME.

    at least i know i will be missed <3

    ....and I DID NOT BUY AN SRT-4.........NEVER WOULD I DO THAT!!!!!!\
    I am still super amazed that u guys noticed i hadnt posted as much...it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside .
  6. You Local, Friendly Corner Carver!!!

    Your Local, Friendly Corner Carver!!!
  7. WTF are u talking about?
  8. Nice fix, genius. :D
  9. :owned:
  10. I thought he was in training with the Filipino Elite Dragon Alliance Martial Art Society for more hand to hand lethal combat tactics...


    Or he was visiting the local Abercrombie picking up a supply of battle dress uniforms... :nice:
  11. i heard he went to prison because he punched a 2 year old that was running too close to his car
  12. Yea, but it was only for 90 days, plus he did the community service thing, so really it was like 80 days, but he had to pay that $4500 fine, plus the court fees, so all in all it was a pretty tough choice.

    But he sure let that punk kid know who not to **ck with. :chair:
  13. he sure represented! :nice:
  14. Now that we have that mystery solved..

  15. he's on tour also
  16. and think me and Tomustang need to fight!!!!!

  17. He got shot by the lazer kitty and had to go to the Mayo Clinic...:eek:
  18. :eek:

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  19. ****ing busy doesnt even begin to describe why I havent been posting lately :crazy: