Did the Gas pedal mod.

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Red03Mustang, Aug 5, 2004.

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  1. I did the gas pedal mod where it is spaced to take up the slack, raising the pedal. I was doing some thinking about it, and something kind of keeps nagging at me about this.

    I think that the stock gas pedal setup could have been set that way for a reason, instead of like some posts I have read are saying. I noticed a few posts saying that the wire stretches out, and so now the throttle doesn't open up as much anymore after using it for a while.

    Well, that makes sense. I have another theory though, and I'm wondering if anyone else was thinking the same thing that I am, too.

    Could it be that Ford setup the pedal the way they did because the floorboard stops the pedal, instead of the throttle body on the engine? It makes sense to me that the TB stopping the pedal movement puts a lot of stress on that throttle cable when you floor it. I read a couple posts where people said they snapped it after they did this mod. So, that seems to support my theory, at least to that point. But if you leave the setup stock, then the floorboard stops the motion... not the TB, therefore relieving the throttle cable of all that stress of being the stopping point.

    I don't know. I really like the way the car is more responsive with this mod, but I just think that maybe the stock setup is there for a reason. :shrug: I figure Ford knows what they are doing for the most part, and I do see the logic of the stock setup. On the other hand, I do see the benefit of the throttle opening up more, obviously. To be honest, I don't think I gain a LOT, but I do feel a little more there than the stock setup.

    I think idealy, I should install some sort of stop for the pedal included with the spacer, so that something between the pedal and the floorboard stops it slightly before the TB cable would. That, to me, seems to be a complete setup for this mod that would be safer (so TB cables don't get snapped) and you could stomp on it without worrying.

    How many of you use this mod, and how many of you think it is worthless?

    I don't know. What do you guys think about my points?
  2. I'd never heard of it, but now I'm curious.
  3. that makes sense, but one thiong i did to fix this was to use a small type of fuel hose, like maybe a 3/8's or 1/4", if gives a little bit and allows for the stress to be put on the hose and not the cable, i have had absolutely no problems with this mod since i did it with the hose
  4. I didn't do this to gain power, but more for pedal response...just to get the slack out of the cable. But I didn't make it so it was 'high wire tight' either, which, I guess, would make it more prone to stretching and failure. There was about an inch of slack in the cable, now there is about 1/4", or a bit less.
    Same holds true for those with adjustable clutch cables and firewall adjusters - you have to either know exactly what your doing or use some common sense.
  5. I like it, I also bought the kit from Maximum Motorsports to lower the clutch pedal. Now all my pedals are about even. :nice:
  6. So what do you guys think about this mod supposedly opening the TB more? Do you think it does, or do you think it is mainly just for quicker pedal response?
  7. [​IMG] Oh yeah, that simple little piece of MM steel did wonders on my wife's 01 - best $20 bucks we've spent in a while!
  8. i checked the TB position before and after the mod. after taking the slack out, the TB actually opens up all the way. More throttle response and easier to spin the tires. I thought it was worth it.
  9. That's a mod used on Ford Rangers for years...it works. Never thought about the Mustang...Hmmmm...
  10. I did this mod to raise the gas pedal for easier "heel and toe shifting" not any performance gain. I really didnt notice and change in response after the mod.
  11. I tried this mod, but couldn't get my clamp tight enough. Guess I'll have to use a smaller one. My **** with the stock set up.......My toes get caught between the brake and throttle, especially if I'm wearing sandals:(
  12. I did this mod on my Ranger a long time ago. I did it on my Mustang the first weekend I had it. I did it for the pedal position then later read how some people noticed flooring the pedal was not giving them WOT. I would say this is just lack of quality control on Ford's part. I don't "floor" my pedal. I am light on the pedal even when I have it at WOT. It doesn't take but 4-5 pounds of pressure to go to WOT. No need to stand on it with all my leg force.
  13. How do I do this Mod, or where can I find out how. I looked for a kit on the MM website but no luck.

  14. I just did this mod using the aluminum spacer that modular depot carries. The spacer in metal solved the concern about cable flex and possible breakage.

    I think the car is easier to drive now. It did take me some time to get used to the pedal height differences, though.

    After thinking about it, and your post, I believe Ford's original design was intended to make it harder for those who can't drive to simultaneously hit the gas pedal while braking. It happens all the time here in Florida, with old folks wacked out of their minds on meds driving through stores and homes.

    I am just happy with not having to crunch the pedal into the carpet any longer, and as I said, for me, the mod was one of the best I have done to this car.
  15. Before I did this mod, the throttle body would not open up all the way when I floored the gas. Now it does.

  16. What spacer? I tried to use a nylon spacer. I still have it. I guess Im gona use a zip tie this time instead of a metal clamp
  17. I used fuel line so it would give a little more, and I haven't had any problems. Didn't really notice any butt dyno changes though.
  18. i did this mod about 8 months ago and i purchased one of those spacers from MD. after cutting it down to size it worked perfect and was just long enough to get WOT when the pedal hit the carpet...very good mod and makes it easier to floor the car without having to worry about breaking the cable if you make the spacer the right size...
  19. I did this about 6 months back and have no problems. I did feel a difference, not much but it was there. I used a nylon spacer that I cut a with a hack-saw and just popped it right on. No clamps or anything. I can take a pic if needed.

  20. I used vacuum hose and zip ties.
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