Did the Gas pedal mod.

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Red03Mustang, Aug 5, 2004.

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  1. I have a buddy with a ford wrecking yard and lots of free time, so i goof around alot, I have 3 TB's sitting in my room right now that i have messed with in differant ways.. trial and error i guess lol.. i'm doing longtubes and stinger side exhaust with a TB and plenum in the next few weeks so i'm not too worried about it.. plus i have all my stock parts (yes, unmessed with)
  2. bet you guys havent seen a stang with a f150 intake on it :) i'll see if i can find pics...
  3. :scratch:
  4. I did it so I can heel-toe a lot easier.

    there's no stinger side exhaust, unless you plan on making a custom one. if you do, be sure to take pics :).
  5. No, I understand that you never said anything about aftermarket TB/plenum...its just that alot of guys will come on here and be like "Your stock headers are good for 450RWHP", or "Your stock TB is good for 350HP" ...you know, basically saying that these parts do not need to be replaced until a certain point.
    I didnt want people thinking "hey, well he says that my stock plenum/TB flows enough at nearly 3/4 throttle to support my engines needs @ 6000RPM....so an aftermarket TB and plenum are a complete waste of money" . And thats completely not true...sure it may not give you a TON of power...but it will help on any car.

    But doesnt that "advantage" of the pressure defferential come from increased flow? And from what I have read the slight rise is designed to slightly increase velocity. Its like the plenum spacer things..but that extra height was designed into the casting on ALL aftermarket plenums.
  6. Close.:) The increased flow comes from the advantage of the increased pressure differential. The different shape and taller design of the aftermarket plenums allows for a better chance of laminar airflow down into the lower intake manifold. At WOT, the absolute pressure inside the lower intake manifold is very close to the atmosphere absolute pressure. The closer you can get to a perfect laminar flow through the TB/plenum, the greater amount of air that can be drawn in to the lower intake manfold.
  7. This mod has absolutely nothing to do with opening the throttle body further. It just moves the gas pedal. I did it several years ago. Good mod.

    Forgot that I did it until I stumbled over this retro thread!
  8. It also places undue tension on the factory throttle cable and also places undue tension of the throttle linkage and the blade shaft. With the increased rate of opening the throttle, you will also be slamming the linkage against the stop much harder than normal when you are going through the gears. In my opinion, I wouldn't consider that good. The gas pedal is where it is at for a reason.
  9. Like San said - we did it YEARS ago. No probs.:shrug: I think your worrying about nothing. Youll break the crappy plastic pedal before anything else. Loads of folks do that.
  10. So wait, does this pull the pedal UP (towards you?)? As my gas pedal sits about an inch lower than my brake. :( and don't get me started on the clutch...
  11. Yup. Its that simple.
  12. interesting...i'll have to check this out come the spring. Maybe i'll do it when I do my clutch adjustment as I'll be under the dash already as it is. What a horrible place to work. lol
  13. This mod is completely useless unless you're looking for a difference in heal-toe feel. It nets zero performance gains! Anyone claiming gains in performance is lying to themselves. Show me the dyno results!

    BTW, the throttle cables do NOT stretch. If there is slack in the cable, something else is wrong, possibly a bent throttle cable bracket or bent pedal. This cable is not a monofilliment line, it's braded cable...it doesn't stretch.

    This "mod" has been out there for a long time, and has been de-bunked in numerous discussions.
  14. I was a service writer for a Ford/Mazda Dealership in San Antonio, TX for a while. You would be surprised to know how many kids come in with their trucks and cars and have broken their throttle cable, linkage, or TB shaft because of doing this. Don't think so myoscopically and assume that just because yourself and a few others you know have had no problems, that some people out of the millions of other Ford owner haven't had a problem as a result of doing this. This mod borders on ricer mentality in my opinion.

    Like Steed said above, the stock cable does not stretch. By placing abnormal stress on it like this, you are just asking to break something.

    Is the gas pedal being lower than the brake really that awkward for you guys?
  15. Bingo!
  16. Thanks, I'll try not to.:lol:
  17. He just :owned: this thread.
  18. You got that right! (spoken like Cosmo Kramer)
  19. Yes. Besides, coming up with a way to take up the slack and a designing a bump stop was fun.
  20. I think you just put an end to this gas pedal mod. Thanks for shedding the light! :hail2:
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