Did the Gas pedal mod.

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Red03Mustang, Aug 5, 2004.

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  1. It still has ergonomic benefit to many. The throttle body stop prevents the butterfly from opening too far. I really don't see an issue with stretching a cable. It's not a piece of twine.
  2. I've had this mod for over 3 years and 50K miles. I have the "high zoot" aluminum spacer ( $5 IIRC) Anyway, there is still a disgusting amount of slack in the cable. I do not think the cable is going to be strectched anywhere near its limits. And how about the fact that the carpet actually interferes with the operation of the accelerator pedal (I've owned the car since new) That's precision engineering for you. And, I'm not knocking my Mustang ( a nicely built car). Just pointing out that these aren't finicky, absolutely refined jewels, set up to 1/00 of a millimeter in pedal operation especially.
  3. I can't even count how many 96-04 Mustangs I have driven.... whether they have been my personal cars or a customer's car. I have never experienced a single Mustang with all this "slack" that you guys are speaking of nor the carpet being anywhere in the way of the gas pedal. As for this ergonomics thing....c'mon. All cars out there have the gas pedal much lower than the brake pedal. It's an industry standard now and has been for quite some time. Years back the NHTSA conducted a study...they found that there were an unacceptable amount of accidents with people accidentally hitting the brake while attempting to press the gas.

    Leave the gas pedal alone....it works perfectly fine. Put forward your ingenuity, time and effort into something that will actually increase performance or better your vehicle.

  4. Not quite:lol: I did this mod some 85,000 miles ago with no problems. The pedal is in a better position for me and that's all that matters:D I think most of what this guy has spewed is BS ..... if he's so damn smart he should have the fastest car on earth:rlaugh:
  5. Gotcha :nice: .

  6. +2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
  7. not only is my throttle blade flat, but i carefully ground it on the leading and trailing edges on the non-sealing surfaces. i rounded the leading and knife edged the trailing.

    immediately after the throttle blade i opened up the throttle body to the dimensions of the plenum i also ported. i cut them until they were pretty thin. you can cut yourself on the trailing edge. i profiled the shaft a little also.
  8. That's for dumbasses with fat feet and ambulance chasing lawyers.
    This mod bettered my vehicle. I adjust my mirrors. I adjust my seat height. I adjust my seat position. And so on. There's nothing wrong with adjusting the pedals to better suit the driver. It's all about ergonomics.

    I can't believe we're arguing the validity of this mod. :shaking head:
  9. What was I thinking. This whole time I was spending my time and money modding the car, I could have just plugged a USB cable from my brain into the ALDL port and activated the internal flux capacitor. View attachment 411867
  10. I'm sorry to hear about your condition....how long have you been an attorney?

  11. Sounds interesting....do you have any pictures of your work?
  12. So tell me..... How many of you guys that are doing this mod actually have an engineering degree and work in the Automotive Engineering and Design business?

    What LaserRed said is absolutely spot on! There is no discussion on the physics. Do what you like to make your car "feel" better, just don't go claiming performance gains where there is none.

  13. The argument that "engineers" designed it that way, is not a very good one. I'm pretty sure "engineers" designed our seat belts too, and I'd personally like to kick their ass for that one.
  14. What the he11 are you talking about? Do you have any concept of what it takes to design anything, especially items that are considered "key safety components"?
  15. So much whining in this thread. Dang...

    Lay it out! This mod = 0 gains in the HP feel. It's a total ergonomic enhancement and costs like $5 to do. How about all those clutch pedal adjustment mods? They can run you $100 and do no "performance" (meaning HP) gains but SO many people do it.

    Keep flaming and whining everyone lol
  16. +1

    (but I think logic stopped being part of this discussion a couple days ago)
  17. :lol: Yup. Engineers also designed the doors on my GT that won't stay open on even the slightest incline. :mad:

    I think this is a good thread, with useful information on both sides of this debate. I did this gas pedal mod years ago with no issues since. That said, I don't think I would blindly advise anyone else to do it. I'll keep running like it is, and if the cable snaps, then I'll know the mod was ill-advised. However, I don't think that will happen.
  18. Put the pedal to the metal if the cable snaps it snaps. Those cables are pritty strong
  19. We are talking about adjusting the height of the pedal!!!

    I love when people that have never done a mod know all about how bad it is. I did this YEARS ago, lots of other folk did too, and I've been on stangnet the whole time. Wouldn't I have read about all the horror stories by now??? No. Because there weren't any.

    This thread is retarded.:dead:
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