Did your Cobra have a cargo net in the trunk?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by O.D. Showtime, Sep 22, 2004.

  1. I see some pics of Cobras online and some people have those cargo net things in the rear trunk, was this a factory option or something? Not that I want one, just kind of curious....
  2. NO, I didn't get one. Should I have?
  3. Yes, it is a stock feature and I have one. I think I exceeded the capacity on mine though, it's starting to tear. :nonono:
  4. Hmm Do you guys know if we can pick them up at the dealer? Price? I would LOVE to get something for my 98.
  5. I'm sure they have one at the parts department in a dealer. I don't know how much, but I bet they'll charge you top dollar. If you're looking to get one from a new Cobra purchase and you didn't recieve one I'm sure they'll just give it to you. Or they probably sale them at an autoparts store. :shrug:

    You shoul've got one. I would go to the dealer and ask for it, they should'nt give you any hassle about it and give you one.
  6. I think I just kept the one that was in my GT.
  7. Your going to buy one? I'll give you mine. I live in Raleigh NC. come pick it up.Haha
  8. they go on eBay for pretty cheap from time to time, beats paying full dealer price...just keep your eyes open
  9. Most of the guys who responded have 99+ stangs. If you don't have one in your SN95, then maybe we're not supposed to have them from the factory. I do have the little clips though that the cargo net hangs on to, that's why I was curious as to whether or not my car comes with one or not.
  10. I got one in mine. Maybe it's something you have to ask for specifically at the dealer to get it???
  11. I know they came in my 03 Gt, but was told that Ford stopped including them in 04. But that might have been a load.
  12. I asked the Fleet Manager at the dealership where I bought my '04 yesterday and he said they eliminated the cargo net for the '04 model as a cost cutting measure... I asked about the floor mats with the cobra on them, and he said that was another cost cutting measure. Do the '03s have the cobra logo on the floor mats?
  13. I had one in my 94 GT. However, when I traded it in on the 99 GT, I took hooks and all and used it in my 99.
  14. I didn't get one in mine. My 95 6 cylinder had one, but my 97 Cobra didn't.
  15. Yea my '04 GT did not have one, but they ended up getting me one when I asked for it. What I find strange is there are only two hooks to connect it with in the trunk (1 on each side on top), not the standard four (two on each side-top and bottom) that I have in my Grand AM trunk for example. So it kind of hooks up weird. Those of you who have one are there four connectors in your trunk or just two?

  16. Can anyone that has a trunk net answer the question in my previous post--Thanks ?
  17. I have an 01 Cobra the cargo net only has 2 connections one on each side at the top
  18. Same here, '01 Cobra, 2 hooks on the top.