35th Anniv Didn't Know This Section Was Here!

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Kane, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. Wow, an area devoted to the 35th Anniversary Limited Edition Mustang GT. That's cool! I have one, and I really like it.
  2. Triple Black? Don't you mean the Silver and Charcoal interior?
    I had 94 GT with Tri-spokes too, mine was Laser Red.

    Didn't you post here every now and then some time ago?
  3. Hello there.
  4. There's quite a few of us. In Canada and the USA.
  5. Yep! I remember your name as well! The avatar pic is of my old 95GT. 'Triple Black' is just me emphazing the color...it's just black with the silver/black interior (which I believe all 35th Anniv. Mustangs had.)

    I need to post some pics.

  6. I thought so. Glad your back. Yeah only the "Limited" had the two-tone interior.
  7. Couple of pics.

    Moose1.jpg Moose2.jpg
  8. What did you do with the original rims? Looks sweet!
  9. Oh I still have them, tires are just about perfect condition. Stored in my garage. I was switching the chrome wheels/tires out when the winter months came to keep the chrome wheels from pitting, but now I pretty much store the car during the winter.
  10. Looks awesome. Black 35ths are the fastest ;)
  11. I have to disagree, Performance Red usually put out about 30+RWHP more than black....
  12. :nice:
  13. Gotta 2nd that! LoL Sweet looking black though. :nice:
  14. How do I discover what build # my Stang is out of the 4628?
  15. Vorhees can find out for ya.
  16. Yep, just PM me your VIN# and I can pull it up.
  17. Ok, cool. I'll have to get it tomorrow.
  18. Naa White ones are you just dont run into them very often:D