Diesel Mustang?

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  1. Has anyone ever tried to put a 2.3 diesel engine out of an '80s Ranger in a Mustang? How about a Perkins or Cummins 4cyl.? I think diesels are awsome!
  2. No offense, but why the hell would you want a diesel mustang?
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  3. That would be way more work than it was worth, and I kinda doubt a perkins or cummins would fit.
  4. On this forum? I really doubt it. The Mitsubishi diesel used in the Rangers really doesn't have much of a following and the Cummins 4BT 3.9L weighs around 700lbs. I don't know about the Perkins engines; they are not a real common swap candidate.
  5. It says further back in the comments that it's one of the Mercedes 5cyl diesels.

    Personally, I would use the same or look for a smallish 4cyl diesel like from Isuzu or Toyota. I imagine farm country has a fair bit of diesel equipment donors that would work too.
  6. I think a diesel Mustang would be awesome, especially with the newer quieter diesels. There is alot of possibilities to have a vehicle make a lot of power and be fuel efficient. I am swapping a Cummins 4BTA into my ranger this fall for those same reasons, power and fuel mileage, and well its cool to. I think I remember reading some where we some one put a 6.5 Duramax into a Mustang set up for drag racing...
  7. Glad to see one of our soldiers agrees with me! To the rest of you, thanks for your input. I think that maybe down the line, Ford will put a diesel in the Mustang, for the same reason (fuel economy). As for now, I'll stick with the gas 2.3 in my hatchback, but who knows, maybe you'll see my '87 on here with a diesel!
  8. A 4bt would be too big. The crappy lil one that Ragers had was just that crappy, Worse than the ones GM had for the Chevette and alike. Now a Perkins or Duetz would fit, those are pretty small unless you wanted to find a Nissan diesel wich had an optional turbo. Used in PU'P 1tons.
  9. Ford actually offered a BMW diesel (2.4L, 6 cylinder, turbocharged) in the '84-'85 Lincoln Mark VII:
    Lincoln Continental Mark VII - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    It probably would work better in the lighter Mustang than the Mark.

    This diesel would certainly get you enough torque!

    A small diesel with electric generator would make a nice power plant for a homemade hybrid/electric Mustang. Not very sporty though...
  10. Well the Mark VII is a foxbody so if you could find one...
  11. OK so the Perk and the Duetz might fit, but how much power are we talking about here. Not very much.

    All of the diesels mentioned here are old technology. You're not going to just drop in some 4cyl. diesel out of a tractor or industrial machine, drop it in a Mustang and start banking 45mpg. You'd need one of the newer Audi or Volkswagen diesels. If you have one of those, chances are really good that it's still wrapped in the Audi or VW that it came in so why bother putting it in a Fox Mustang?

    To the O.P. - I'm glad you like diesels and I'm glad you like Mustangs, but I don't think you'll be happy with the mashup. Look at it this way. You can really really really like chocolate ice cream and you can really really really like garlic dill pickles, but I doubt you'd care much for them in the same spoonful.
  12. I am new here i have a 93 2.3l hatch i have had it for 3 years it runs great. I have 2 extra motors for it and was thinking about maybe boring one of them to a bigger displacement but dont quite know if that would be a good idea any thoughts or suggestions would be valued

    93 2.3l Hatchback w/T5
  13. That's great, but it has absolutely nothing to do with putting a diesel engine in a Mustang.....
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