Diesel Turbocharged S197 Ford Mustang

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  1. [​IMG] That?s right. We could hardly believe it either. Just unveiled inFrankfurt, Germany by Four Motors (Reutlingen), this Ford Mustang packsa whopping 280hp and 369 lb-ft of torque, thanks to a fuel sipping,tree hugging bio-diesel powerplant. Dubbed the Mustang GT RTD, the caris capable of a dig to dash at 62mph in 5 seconds and can reach apinnacle speed of just over 155mph. Truth be told, the stats aren?t allthat bad, considering the outer skin of the car is made fromlightweight bio-composite materials, fabbed from vegetabletrimmings?that?s right, table scraps can serve a purpose other thansmelling up the trash can. The German Aerospace Center claims that theouter skins can withstand extreme stress and coefficient loads commonlyfound in spirited motorsports. It just goes to show, you don?t alwaysknow what the newest aftermarket specialty is going to be. You mightfind yourself presently surprised in the very near future.

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