difference between chrome cobra r rims?

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  1. I was wandering if anyone could tell me the difference between the cobra r rims ford racing sells. the ford racing ones dont look as shiny as the normal cobra r's. I kinda wanted to go with ford racing to avoid crappy aftermarket replicas but are the replicas just as good as the FR's. btw its been like 2 months since ive even been on the forums, almost forgot i even had a stang in storage. time for my butt to get going on this project before spring.
  2. i have replicas that started to peel on the inside of the wheel. don't know what company they are, but i bought them from CJ Pony Parts. Personally, i would only buy chrome from FRPP as it is a stock replacement, and stock wheels last longer.
  3. customwheels.com has triple chrome plated wheels. I'm thinking of buying my set from them.
  4. never mind im stupid! One was 4 bolt and the other one was 5. They still look like they have differnt finishes.
  5. the 03 cobras that came with my 2002 are peeling, they came from cj pony parts too
  6. my reps are doing fine 3 years now..and triple chrome plating is a lie in all honesty your still getting one layer of chrome its just a layer of nickel and bronze underneith maybe im wrong about the layers but its def. only one layer of chrome i know that
  7. Some of the replicas also look nothing like the FRPP wheels. AFS is the worst as the spokes have way too much of a slant to them. IMO AFS is easily the worst replica Cobra R out there.

    Eagle, Mustang Tuning and OE wheel outlet seem to have the most "correct" looking replicas.
  8. mine are eagles and it gets peoples attention i think they look great!! whats afs by the way?
  9. afs are the ones all over ebay arent they?
  10. if i am correct, ford does not sell a chrome wheel. they are all polished.

    chrome always peels nowadays---polished won't peel but takes more upkeep.

    that would explain why they are not as shiney.

    imo i would not buy a knockoff wheel---i've been down that road before. pony up the bucks and buy the real deal.
  11. for what i paid for my "knock offs" and how long they lasted w/ no problems i havent even had to rotate the tires lol and they arent even wearing down that bad...3 years now....i would never go a different route..i couldn't be more happy...as long as you take care of them i have never seen where spending more money makes sense...?:shrug:
  12. ok, now that I went and looked at the ford racing catalog there is two differn't chrome cobra r's. ones description is a "ford racing chrome mustang cobra r" and the other is "chrome mustang cobra r".
  13. found out the difference. ford racing made 2 styles, one is the original 95 cobra r wheel chrome plated and the other is a updated version that ford racing came out with chrome plated. also the updated ones are 1.5 lbs heavier. went and orderd the originals just now. $999.75 w/shipping from gefracing.com. pretty good deal for ford racing wheels i figure.
  14. AFS is a company that makes replica wheels.