difference between mach 1 and bullitt suspension?

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  1. I am looking at getting the bullitt suspension for my car . TO me it seems to be a good option because i want to go a little lower than stock but i don't like the slammed look. Especially on the roads around here. But what is the difference between the bullitt and mach 1 set up? By the way anyone ever ride in a bullitt? HOw does it ride? THats my other concern? :shrug:
  2. Front Suspension for the Mach1:
    Springs 600 lbs./in. linear (lowers car 1/2" over GT)
    Tokico Struts 35 mm
    Stabilizer Bar 26.5 mm solid

    Front Suspension for the Bullitt:
    Springs 600 lbs./in. linear (lowers car 3/4" over GT)
    Struts 35 mm
    Stabilizer Bar 28mm tubular

    Rear Suspension for the Mach1:
    Springs 250 lb/in. linear (lowers car 1/2" over GT)
    Tokico Shocks 30 mm
    Stabilizer Bar 23 mm solid

    Rear Suspension for the Bullitt:
    Springs 250 lb/in. linear (lowers car 3/4" over GT)
    Shocks 30 mm custom valved
    Stabilizer Bar 21mm tubular
  3. I believe that the only differences are the front and rear roll bars. The struts & shocks are the same. I have the Mach1/Tokico struts, sMach1/Tokico shocks and springs with the original Cobra roll bars and the ride is fantastic. It's just a little bit lower than stock Cobra height but the ride is much firmer. I love it. At $300 for 2 struts, 2 shocks and 4 matched springs its a bargain!
  4. From what i gather, the mach1's set up is better suited for drag racing/launching. Even though the spring rates are the same, the only difference is the custom valving in the rear?
    The Bullitts set up is better suited for corner carving and stability. I've read the the Mach's suspension is softer, and you feel less of the jolts and such on the road. The Bullitts suspension communicates with the driver better. As a Bullitt owner, i will admit that it does ride alittle hard over bad pavement, but it definitly handles noticably better and with less roll then GT's. I havent been in a Mach1. Also, the Bullitt is lower, which again is a plus in my book.
    So you have to look at it like this: if you want a softer, more comfortable ride that is lower then a GT, and better for straigh acceleration, go with the mach 1.
    If you want a lower car, that handles better in the twisites, rolls less, is a little harsher, and not AS good in the straight line set up, go with the Bullitt.
    Either way you cant really loose :)
  5. Since Ford is so conservative, I'd be amazed if the Bullitt or anything else (not Motorsport) was anymore stiffer than the MACH1. Struts and Shocks are made by Tokico.

    I did find this though:
    Front: 1R3Z-5310-CA (spring)
    Rear: 1R3Z-5560-AA (spring)
    Front: 1R3Z-18124-AA (strut)
    Rear: 1R3Z-18125-AA (shock)

    Front: 3R3Z-5310-AA (spring)
    Rear: * (springs)
    Front: 3R3Z-18124-AB (strut)
    Rear: 3R3Z-18125-AB (shock)

    * I have to check my sales slip later...
  6. Bullitt springs are a little lower than Mach springs
  7. So you mean if I wanted to upgrade my GT with the Mach1 setup, it would only cost me $300 in parts for a lower stance and a better ride?...is this from a dealer or online site? Curious...thanks
  8. NOw i'm really confused. I was leaning towards the bullit over the mach one because it is a little lower but. To be honest i'm not too concerned with the handling. WHat about the mach 1 struts and shocks with the bullitt springs, so i get the same drop? Wonder how that would work?
  9. Got to GEFRacing.com for the Mach1 Kit $300 struts-shock-springs or Bulliitt kit $400 struts-shock-springs-swaybars . I jumped on the Mach 1 kit for the price. I couldn't find a cheaper price to replace the struts and shocks. If the Bullitt setup is lower and stiffer I'd get the Bullitt. It may take some research to find a $300 price tag for a Bullitt shock-strut-spring only 'kit' anywhere. The Mach 1 'kit' is very nice. I'm very happy with it.

    If the springs of the Bullitt are lower then your car will sit lower. Shocks do not determine ride height. If it where up to me, I'd keep the Bullit springs with the Bullit shocks and the same for the Mach1 setup since they are all matched sets.
  10. THANK YOU Slithering_Joe!!...that site is awesome. This is exactly what I was looking for. A system that was factory reliable, affordable and not drop the car too low and I'm guessing since these are factory parts, CC plates will not be necessary. You da man! :hail2:

    Now to decide whether or not to keep my GT and keep modifying it or trade it in for a Mach1... :scratch:
  11. I'm guessing they don't sell the bullitt spring and shock package anywhere. I can only find it with sway bars unlike the mach 1 kit.
  12. The mach suspension is much softer. My pops has an 03 macher and it almost feels sloppy when cornering or accelerating other than in a straight line. I will have to admit I am used to my bullitt though.

    The mach is better in a straight line out of the hole though. I have noticed when my dad launces his mach there is much more "squatting" of the rear suspension. The car squats so much the hood and scoop are almost blocking the field of view.

    I prefer the stiffer lower suspension, looks better, and I enjoy the benefit through the backroad twisties, but If I had to ride for an extened period of time the mach is more comfortable.
  13. anyone think that either one of these kits would work well enough for a convertible?

    the ford motorsport springs (front) that are recommended for dropping the convert are 600 or 650 lbs, i cannot remember which.

    seems like either one of these would be fine, depending on how much drop or ride quality that one would desire.

    does anyine think that the bullit sway bars are that much better than the stock GT ones? or because it is a package thing it would better to install all of it. Of course replacing the sway bar links at the same time too.
  14. I have both sitting in my garage right now. A Bullitt kit and a set of Mach1 shocks,struts and springs.

    The springs are within MM of each other and the shocks/struts aren't much different either. The Bullitt shocks/struts are a little firmer but not by much. I expected both to be firmer but they are controling a 600 lbs spring.

    A Bilstein HD that is designed to work with the 450 lbs springs are much firmer.

    The Bullitt sway bars alone are worthless the front bar is 28mm and the rear is a tiny V6 bar. If you are thinking abut just sway bars get a 03-04 Cobra 29mm front and a 1998 Cobra 27mm rear.
  15. So here is my idea. I want the bullitt ride hieght but without the stiffness. So what if i got the mach 1 shocks and struts with the bullitt springs?? :rolleyes:
  16. I think the FRPP C springs are the same spring rate?
    ~ 1" drop
  17. So is there a place online where one could pick and choose to only buy the Mach 1 shocks and struts and the FRPP C springs or the Bullitt springs?
  18. I bought my Mach 1 shock/struts from gefracing.com but I did it over the phone. It's not listed on their site.
    $176 shipped to my door. They sell C springs for $140 too (before shipping).
  19. Good lookin' out JonJon ! :cheers: