Difference Between Tokico Blues and Stock Mach 1/Bullitt Shocks


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Apr 23, 2008
NC State University
Is there any big difference (performance-wise) between these two shocks/struts?

I ask because I installed the Eibach Pro-Kit springs on my granddad's Mach 1 this weekend, and the ride quality compared to my car is unbelievable. It rides SO much better; I was literally blown away at how much better it rides. I'd say that the ride is very similar to a stock GT's ride over regular bumps and such, but nice and firm when you really lay into it. I'm sure that my stiffer springs are the main culprit, but I wasn't sure if the shocks and struts would make that big of a difference either.

For reference: I have the HP Blues, while he still has the stock Tokico shocks. I have the Bullitt springs (650 lb/in front, 250-300 lb/in rear), and he has the Eibach Pro Kit (450-570 lb/in front, 200-250 lb/in rear).

I'm VERY seriously considering a set of the Eibachs after seeing how much better they ride than my car.
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Sep 9, 2009
Pittsburgh, Pa
I'm VERY seriously considering a set of the Eibachs after seeing how much better they ride than my car.
I'm guessing that's where you really feel the difference.

I think I remember seeing that Mach 1 shocks/struts were Tokico. Not sure what color they were close to though.


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Apr 23, 2008
NC State University
I'd like to know also. I have pro kit springs with tokico blues and it beats the hell out of me.
So you are saying that Eibach Pro Kit plus Tokico Blues ride rough? If that's the case, I'm starting to suspect the shocks/struts a little bit.

My car rides very, VERY firm; it follows the road quite nicely, and I like it when I play in the twisties, but there is not a bump, dip, or hill in the road that gets by without me noticing. My granddad's Mach 1 is very similar to mine in the curves, but MUCH more smooth over bumps and such. I'd say it is just a touch firmer during normal driving than a stock GT. Me, my granddad, and my cousin all agreed that it rode smoother than it did stock, and the Machs are just a little bit firmer than a GT.

I wonder if the Blues are over-damping my car. I always hear that the Blues are nice and smooth, but my combo of Bullitt springs and Blues are far from it.

I'm guessing that's where you really feel the difference.

I think I remember seeing that Mach 1 shocks/struts were Tokico. Not sure what color they were close to though.
Well, that was my guess as well, but if folks like 68stang are saying his ride is rough with the Blues, it could actually be the shocks/struts.

The Bullitt/Mach 1 Tokico shocks/struts are black, and they are different from the Blues.
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