Difference visually between P.I. heads and non P.I. heads

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  1. Hey 4.6 guys! I hope this isn't a re-post, I did a quick search, but don't have much time .. gotta head to work!! A friend of mine just bought a 98 GT vert, 5 speed, he's typically a chevy guy, what got him to come over from the dark side?! I don't know, anyways, when he got the car, the guy he bought it from said he had swapped some parts from a 2000 GT, my friend says it pulls pretty good. I think I can pick out the difference in intakes, but is there anyway of knowing if they are 99+ heads without taking anything apart?!

    Any help would be appreciated .. thanks guys!

  2. ^ since you said 2000
  3. drive it if its slow then its a npi. like mine:nonono:
  4. Understood!! Well I should see the car tomorrow for the first time. we'll check it out then. Just curious to try and figure out what work has been done to it, or if the previous owner just made stuff up about swapping the parts to help make the sale!! As I say, we'll see!!

  5. The oil fill is a dead give-away. But some PI have it on the Driver's side too. The letters "PI" are stamped somewhere but I don't know where.

    On Edit: Also, maybe check the coolant sensors to see if there is a differently tapped one or a "Y" on the sensor cause pre-PI had two sensors where PI has one, so the wiring dictates that you mod for two sensors.