Differences between 1999 and 2001 cobra....

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  1. Could anyone give me a list of the differences in these cars? Not just engine , but also the styling.
  2. FYI: It might help to run a search, as there have been several other prior 99 Vs 01 threads. :D :)

  3. - the 99 has a different rear wing
    - the 99 bumper says "MUSTANG" and not "COBRA"
    - the 01 has smoked head lights
    - the 01 has MUCH better seats
    - the center consoles are different
  4. ....different transmissions, different wheel option (polished), 6-disk CD changer...that's about it.
  5. Blueish dash lights on the 99 (and 00R) vs greenish on the 01
    Cobra patches sewn on the bottom of the seat belts on the 99 (and 00R)
    Rear defrost button on the dash under the light switch on 99 (and 00R) vs on the console
    01 had loaner vehicle and wash program when in for warranty service
    01 used thinner oil for better MPG

    plus what the other folks posted.
  6. I also hear that the 01 snake is much more powerful than the 99 slug... :rlaugh:
    OH....and you forgot that the 01 has the 31 spline axles... :p
  7. 99 slug?

    99 SLUG. I have a 99 cobra with 300rwhp(sae) and no porting, no headers and no inner fender cold air kit. As soon as I add a WMS inlet pipe, velocity tube and 90mm lighting mass air, I should be at 310rwhp. Nazman has a 99 cobra with 330rwhp(it's a factory freak). Watch what you say. My car was tuned by the best, steve @ www.powertraindynamics.com. It pulls like a racehorse on steroids. 99 cobra's are just as good as the 01's after the fix. Bob Cosby's 99 cobra is a testament to that.

  8. I make 320 rwhp and I have nothing but bolt ons. I still even have the stock airbox--it's just cut to have a bigger opening. Plus I have a TKO which absorbs more power than the T45 or 3650. No real point, just bored.
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  11. Don't forget about the dot matrix pony at the top of the windshield of the '01's.

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  12. WHOOOAAA 99 slug???? You better rephrase that. They are by no means slugs. I would go with the 2001 solely for the seats and the headlights. The dyno sessions that I have witnessed showed very minute differences in the two engines. The 2001 is better for the minor things not the engine.
  13. horsepower

    Hey 103,that's a lot of HP for just bolt-ons and no cold air kit. Tell me what your bolt-ons are, and maybe post a dyno sheet. The most HP I've read about on a NA cobra is 330 by NAZMAN. He's got headers, port/polished intake, electric waterpump, and full WMS cold air kit, and more. He has a factory freak. Bob cosby's 99 is putting out 312 and he has headers and denscharger cai and more.

    You mentioned a TKO tranny will show more HP to the rear wheels than a T-45. But, how much. I'm not saying you don't have 320, it's just hard to believe considering your bolt-ons. Also, what octane gas did you dyno it on,and is it 320 SAE or actual Horsepower. California gas sucks, that's why cars from the midwest or east coast dyno a little higher than california. I dyno'd 300(sae) on 3gallons of 100 octane gas and 13.7 of 91. Comes out to about 92.

    Just curious, that's all.
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  17. oye, here ya go... BTW, my numbers are uncorrected on a Dyno Jet. That day, however, the SAE numbers were within five hp of Standard numbers. The car was dynoed at Lugens in Miami. And I don't have the graph scanned or anything... I suppose I could get a roommate to put it up if you really, really want it. Also, the TKO robs more power through the drivetrain than the stock tranny. So the numbers would actually be higher with a T-45 or TR3650.

    BBK LTs
    Bassani O/R X
    MAC 2.5" cat-back
    Steeda pulleys
    Homemade intake tubing (3.5 inch exhaust tip between cut stock elbow and stock MAF. Cut airbox for clearance and flow with K&N replacement)
    PCV delete
    TKO (with SPEC Stage 3 clutch, stock cable assy, stock fw, and Pro 5.0)
    Aluminum DS
    4.30s (EDIT: forgot, it has a somewhat built solid rear)
    Dyno tuned by SCT in Miami (reflash, netted five more peak hp and negative 5 ft-lbs, but the curves are better)

    I think that's it...
  18. horsepower

    Those BBK LT'S really gave some power, I wonder if I could put up 20 more HP with BASSANI mid lengths. My uncorrected numbers were 311rwhp,maybe 325-330 with headers. Is it worh it, probably not, but who knows.
  19. horsepower

    Just curious, what octane gas were you running when you had it dyno'd. Will BASSANI midlengths work with a BASSANI catted x-pipe.

  20. I was running 93 pump gas. And I have no idea about fitment. My X had to be cut down and modified to work with the BBKs.