"Different Point of View" GM Vs Ford

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  1. Hey people, im not sure which forum this should be in, but i figured it would be good in the 2005 mustang forum for a few reasons. For most of my life i grew up all GM and nothing but GM. I moved out on my own and got myself a 91 mustang, and i love it. Im just curious what is it about ford that keeps u comming back? or what is it about ford that scares u away? How come u would rather buy the mustang over the camaro? ( the camaro does have the faster LS1 engine too ) just curious, whats ure reasons
  2. I think it is just personal preferance, Mustang and Camaro buyers seem to be very loyal too. I always liked the Camaro over the Mustangs because of 1) LT1 and LS1 power 2) T-Tops :hail2: 3) T-56. I like the Mustangs because of 1) good selection of 17" rims 2) good prices on the base models 3) Supercharged V8 :hail2:

    Both cars look great and are a blast to drive, you can't beat the RWD V8 combo.
  3. I've never had a Camaro/Firebird but I did have an older Stang. Price is the main reason for me to want a Mustang. (GM loyal for 25 years going to a Ford in the next vehicle)
  4. I've always liked the style of the mustang better. Sure Ford didn't do many changes from 79 - 93. But we've had 2 changes since 93. Where the camaro got 1. Camaro's biggest problem in my eyes was keeping the same car around too long. They really change them once a decade. That and having 3 versions of nearly the same car (Camaro/Firebird/Transam. Though I've been told the trans am was an optioned out firebird. It has never seemed as clear as that.).
  5. Untill I saw the '05, I never gave much consideration to "coming back".
  6. Hey, I grew up with European cars and GM. As far as Ford goes, I am a Ford guy at heart. Don't know why, but I am. I love GM, well the old GM, the new GM lost me, bad styling and poor quality have turned me away. The only problem I have with FoMoCo is that they do not build anything I would buy as a daily driver or commuter car. I'll stick to the foriegn cars for that. I love my mustangs, and I need a truck, which will likely be a F-350 diesel. The wife wanted an SUV or AWD wagon, the Explorer's are nice but we ended up going with a 04 Passat Wagon. Every GM or Ford I've bought for daily driving fell apart in a short period of time, except for the full size trucks. I've owned F-bodies, and they are cool, but the Mustang IMO, looks, handles and feels better. But I am currently restoring a 76 Trans Am SE which I think is an awesome car, but I don't car much for the newer late model F-bods. But I also have BMW, VW, Audi, Mercedes, and Porsche in blood. As well as Alfa, Fiat, Austin and others. My parents are from Europe and my dad always had a bunch of cool European cars as well a GM.
  7. well, it all started back in 19xx.... ahhh, no need for my life story. i fell in love with mustangs when i was about 8yrs old. there was a '67 vert for raffle at a local carnival. since then i've always wanted a stang. what keeps me coming back? performance/dollar, styling, aftermarket. i've not liked camaro styling since the late '60s but i do have a LOT of respect for gm engines.

    i love the ford vs chevy debate. i'm not loyal to any car manufacturer but i do love telling my friend his z28 is slow and poorly built just for kicks.

  8. Ya where i come from ( northern canada ) everyone is like, dont buy a ford, it will break. My friend owns a cavalier ( most gay car ever ) and he thinks his all great in putting down my mustang. He calls it a rustang, and it has no rust. Its just kinda different being a ford guy when ure surrounded by GM people.
  9. For me it has much to do with family loyalty. My family has always preferred Fords and had great luck with them. Has had poor luck with other brands (GM specific). Hell my grandpa and his old buddy did lots of work on model T's and A's (hehe T&A).

    My friends with GMs are always having theirs fixed and just parts cost them an arm and a leg. My friend replaced the alternator on his 93 camaro for $160. My replacement on my 91 stang cost $40, and is still on 8 years later.
  10. I have had 3 fords, 18 GMs, 1 Toyota and 1 Subaru. The 3 Fords I had were actually good cars but like someone else mentioned GM is a family loyaty thing. All but 1 GM was good. I had a 1980 Monza which a a huge lemon. The engine blew at only 21,000 miles and GM said tough luck. I swore it was the end of GM for me but I had 15 more after that one. The Fords I owned were a 1968 Mustang Coupe (was my very first car at 16 years of age) a 1970 Thunderbird and a 1985 Tempo. With all the crap you hear about Tempos I was actually very surprised how long it lasted. Sure something broke on it often but it was cheap to fix. Some of my friends who are GM loyalist are saying "you're buying a Mustang???" they are surprised since pretty well the only thing they have seen me drive in the past 20 years is GM.

    Bye bye GM...hello Ford. :)
  11. Its all about feel, when I had my camaro I liked the power, but I didnt like the way it drove, felt heavy and kinda laborous, When I got my corvette it felt very fast and responsive, but the price tag, head and leg room and little nagging creaks all over were too overwhelming. Then I tried a 95 gt felt nice good power good interior room, But still lacked the power I was looking for, Then I bought a 99 gt just didnt like the feel, the lack of torque drove me crazy, I now have a 94 cobra, It is all around what I was looking for, I have done some work to make it faster of course but i'm having so damn much fun doing it. I still have the vette to but it sits in the garage and collects dust until it gets it once a week driving, (still like the power though). As for the debate I like fast cars. I dont care the make model euro american or asian, just give me a fast car and get outta my way. I do love my cobra though.

  12. I'm never buying a used car from you :D

    Most Chevy customers like there cars :shrug:

    From J.D. Powers
    Chevrolet ranks highest in customer retention, retaining 60.8% of its owners. Chevrolet models with the strongest retention rates include the Avalanche, with 74.5% of owners purchasing another Chevrolet model, TrailBlazer (73.8%), Impala (70.1%) and Silverado 1500/2500 (68.7%).

    2003 Reliability Study
  13. Back in High School I really wanted a 68' Camero. My friends had Chevys and I was there by their side working on them. Back then I always respected the Mustang but after I started working on Fords with my step brother I started to turn. The engines are designed stronger, more durable, the ford 9", the 4spd top loader, c6, c4 are just examples of the stronger but comperable counterpart of the chevy. On a whole the Ford is stronger.The only crap job I think Ford does which still stands is their electrical. It seems to work for me so I really can't complain. Just makes it difficult to put a stereo in. The Mustang in particular was lighter smaller and handled better. Power wasn't everything because that can change pretty easily. Honestly I have never been beat by a Camero in either my two or my friends stock 2000 GT... yet. Probably driver error on their part or I was just lucky. The M5 did get me though. Power wasn't everything. Sure it does cost more to mod a ford but the powertrain was built to handle more. Mustang has always been an entry level car which you can tweak to your wants and off of the lot it is cheap. Cheaper than the Camero which was also part of its end. They priced the Camero too close to the vett. Granted 25-27 for the Z28 was kind of steep considering for the extra cash the Mustang can run circles around it. 31-33K for the SS... I would buy the Vett. Over a few years the price differenct won't hurt that much more. Granted there are issues on both sides and everybody has had a bad experience but I feel like Ford cars and trucks are better. Besides Ford owners are cooler. Not always trying to outdo each other.
  14. Actually buying a used car from me would be great now, I baby my vehicles, they are ALWAYS clean inside and out, they hardly get much mileage, maintained properly and regularly, all records kept. When I owned the Monza I was 18 and drove like an idiot :rlaugh: . Last leased car we turned in we got MORE than the residual because it looked still new and it had 36k miles and it was a black car. I had never heard of that before and always thought they ream you on lease returns, we got $1500 more than the set amount. The truck that I am currently selling to make space for the stang is 2-1/2 years old and only has 6500 miles and it's as clean as the day I picked it up, even the engine and underside.
  15. I have been saying that for years and that is what eventually killed the f-body IMO. The final year of production 2002 a loaded z28 vert was $50k CDN and a Vette coupe was $67k CDN, a loaded GT vert was only $37k CDN and a SVT vert was $48k CDN which IMO would easily beat the Z28.
  16. What are you talking about? THe Z28 started at the about same price as a Mustang GT and came with an automatic standard 6speed amnual was a no cost option. The LS1 Z28s would crush a Mustang GT in performance, heck even the older LT1 Camaros were faster. THe SS package was a $3K option on the Z28. THe Vette cost about $15,000 more than a Camaro SS, they arn't even close in price. THe Camaro Z28 was one of the best bangs for your buck on the Market.
  17. ^ True, however when I was out to buy a new car in 2000, I was looking between the Z28 and the GT, both fully loaded. Price did end up being the factor that pushed me to the Mustang. It may have not been an astronomical difference, but it was enough that I knew I could get a lot more complete car for less. Granted, the Camaro engine was definetely a huge deal, but I just couldn't justify the higher payments when I knew I would have a great time in the GT. A top end Camaro really needs to be priced right alongside the top end Mustang, even if it means a small compromise of power. Everyone knows the Z28 was putting out more power than the GT out of the box, but honestly, it's almost a bad thing because it also forced the price up. I think a more even starting point for the Camaro and the Mustang makes for better competition. Not that it is Chevy's fault, but I think they would have done better with a car that more closely matched the specs of the Mustang, for the same price.
  18. I originally wanted a camaro, but my wife thought they looked ugly and put her foot down. When we testdrove the mustang, she told me the car was sexy and the car was sold right there. No regrets. I loved that car.
  19. THey did have the same starting point, but the Z28 had options like T-Tops ($995) and the sports appearance package (RS body kit) for $1300. THose are both options that the Stang didn't have that often pushed the Camaro price up. 75% of Camaros had the T-tops option, so right there the Camaro is $1000 more than the same Mustang. Dealers also like to order loaded cars, like every new SS I saw had leather. It is actually hard to find a SS with cloth.

    On the High end a loaded SS or WS6 seemed to cost about the same as a Cobra.
  20. That's what I said...only with actual costs for 2002 in Canada. The only reason I know the prices is because I looked into it at that time. As for my comment on who beats who...speculation on my part only, I have no idea for sure which would be faster and really didn't care at the time since I don't race.