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  1. Ok I have a little money to spend and im looking for options on wheels. I am sick of all the usual ford racing style and knock off wheels. I want to spend some money and get something nice, but mostly I want it to be different. Something no one has really ever seen. I am wondering if anyone has any ideas? I was looking at CCW's I've seen mustangs with them and the main reason not so many people have them is because they are so expensive. But I want some completely different. Anyone have any ideas or pictures? This is street application not drag.
  2. are you running five lug or 4? I love ccws. old school ROHs, Roush, and rfp1s are also pretty pimp in my book.
  3. I will be converting to 5-lug, not gonna drop a couple grand on 4 lug wheels. CCW's are at the top of my list right now just because I havent found anything I like more. ROH and Roush are a little too low key for me, not gonna lie I want something a little flashy which is why I am looking at polished CCW's. My second option are BBS RK's but I cant say i like them more than CCW's, same with True Forged.
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  4. you are talking true top dollar. I know for a hot minute there were some knock off BBs RKs. Not sure if they are still offered though. this four your white GT?
  5. Yea this is for the white GT. I definitely dont want any knock off's of anything. I was looking at BBS RK's Plasmas but they're so rare even those are way out of my price range. I have seen sets of BBS RK's floating around, they are still an option but I want to see them on a car that's lowered, it's hard to picture them on my car because all the wheels I see are on cars that look like 4x4's and I just think it looks god awful.
  6. bullits, ftw

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  7. Post me a good photo of your car and tell me which wheels you like and I can Photoshop the wheels on there for you.
  8. No way on the bullits lol



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  10. Knock off Cobra R's are not different. Sorry dont mean to hate, I like your car, but I dont think people know what I mean by different. I want unique, I've seen CCW's on maybe 4 or 5 fox body's and the same with the BBS RK's, and even that is too many, I want an idea of something new, maybe something someone has always wanted to try
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  12. I've always been a fan of Japanese motorsport wheels, particularly classic wheel designs from the '60s and '70s (but unfortunately most of that stuff doesn't get any bigger than 15", and is usually 4 lug and metric.)

  13. Looking forward to seeing what you go with. I get more comments about the wheels than the 930 rwhp the damn car makes.
  14. there are only maybe a handful I can think of with true forged on them I think that's the route for you

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  15. Fikse FM/5 or FM/10 and some Ferrari calipers just because. I want to say they are around 600 a wheel though.....ouch.
  16. Those look tough.
  17. Maybe you should put some Cobra R's on there and send me your old ones so they stop! Cause those are some nice wheels ;)
  18. yeah I would pickup a set if i had the dough but getting ready for a kid and fixing my wifes car are priority.