"different" Wheels Pics $$$$

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  1. I really liked how Grover's car looked with AM Drift wheels on it. They are on a ton of S197's, but I dont see them on many foxes and they are a great wheel for a great price.
  2. Grover, which ones are those again? I found a pair on the vette forum that are similar. CCW 505A. vette030.jpg
    I remember loving on your wheels, too. I guess I need to go that direction in the future.
  3. The Drifts at about $140 per wheel

    True Forged Victory 3 piece at "slightly" more than $140 per wheel.
  4. if the signature still works, that what i have lol
  5. Probably due to the fact that the 930 hp isn't visible. I believe this guy just wanted to "name drop" his 930 rwhp
  6. I highly doubt that's the case
  7. yup you got me.
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  8. Yeah, he's always "name dropping" his latest dyno. What a prick, that guy!
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  9. Always bragging about that, this guy... "New 5.0's just suck so much compared to my super fox with 930 rwhp, I just couldnt take how slow it was and had to sell it" Hahaha, poor Grover, sometimes peeps just dont know a person.
  10. gheez, pump up the boost so you can at least say you've got 1000 rwhp :cool:
  11. I know. I would SOOO disappointed with only 930rwhp. I mean, that's 70rwhp away from something cool. There's absolutely nothing cool about 930...
  12. If my car made 930 HP, I'd be much more boastful than Grover. I'd probably tattoo my dyno graph on my ass, then strictly wear assless pants the rest of my life.
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  13. yep, i mean the 930 is only what, 1120 at the crank?
  14. so, you just need to add the tatty?
  15. I guess great minds think alike, huh?

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  16. Well, I currently wear pants WITH an ass when I go to work. Off hours I'm cheeking out. I would go 100% assless with 930 HP.

    LOLOLOL! Spot on man, spot on.
  17. way to take a thread about wheels and spin it to asses :hail:
  18. I'm so sorry. I thought the topic was assless chaps. Should we start a new thread about GroverDill's adventures so we don't derail this one?
  19. Y'all know I'm right. What does 930 hp have to do w wheels and how would a passer by look at his car and say hey cool 930 horses you got there man. He just felt like saying how much he was working with. "I hate having so much money in my wallet, makes it hard to sit down"