"different" Wheels Pics $$$$

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  1. I personally don't care to hear about anyones assless chaps adventures. Aint nuthin but :crap: in there
  2. Well I, for one, would be more drawn to an engine compartment with a turbo than some wheels. So there's that. I'd imagine the question "how much does it make" would come up faster than "nice wheels."

    And when my car does make around that power mark, I'll gladly tell ya about it, because that sheeeit is cool.
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  3. Great, now i'm confused'ded...what happens if ya got both? :shrug::stupid:
  4. Dude what is your deal? You sound a little jealous. The guy has mentioned how much horse power his car made about 3 times on here , The first time it was tuned, the second time it was tuned, and just now. On lookers at a car show are not gonna see the hood open on his car and wonder about power? I think so. Im sorry but you sound like the smug one here . :shrug:
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  5. @GroverDill , What size are your TF's ? 17's?
  6. 18x9 and 18x10
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  7. I dont think he was bragging, I found it funny that the time and effort that goes into building a 950hp motor goes unappreciated because of a set of shiny wheels that a 4 year old could bolt on with 5 nuts. But I still look at wheels and say "MUST HAVE".

    They dont look that big for 18's, some 18's look too big on foxes, Its still such a hard decision between the CCW's, the RK's, and those True Forged are still staring at me O.O
  8. People say "Nice Wheels" until you open the hood?

  9. I think Grover knows that most of us are just fckin with him, hs's got one of the cleanest rides you'll find out there! :mad props
  10. Had one person not started talking :poo: about a stand up member, this thread never would have been hijacked. Luckily everyone spun it to a joke rather than call the dummy out for being a dummy. Wheels are definitely a make it or break thing for a car, have you narrowed it down at all Mob?
  11. My bad boys I was mostly just fn w em and realize y'all's crowd was all over his nuts like y'all are oh and I'm not jealous it was just kinda a dorky thing for em to say is all
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  12. i think you should rock some ugly lookin steelies all with different looks and different colors and say you were on a budget. and wheels didnt cut it.
  13. There ya go. Throw more fuel on the fire and see what it gets you. I personally couldn't care less that GroverDill's car makes the power it does. I care more about the fact that he's a classy guy that's never causing problems on these forums, helps people, and he's been a part of the community for a long time. Most of the guys here have been around for a decade or more. If it seems like we're on his nuts, it's because we know him well enough to know your insinuation was completely false. Not only is it false, but you also seem unwilling to take everyone else's word for that fact. Furthermore, you've just went from insulting one person without reason to insulting many of us.

    We made light of it, because there are some socially adept people here that would prefer to keep things smooth and light-hearted instead of taking a harder line approach to dealing with your originally insulting comment. I can see how, not knowing him, you might believe that his intentions were dubious. However, you seem to be the only one who feels that way.

    Now, as a mod, I'm going to ask you once to drop it and find a new thread to be a part of. If you don't like what you read, just move on. Try to avoid insulting everyone, please. Here's the Stangnet TOS you're in violation of:

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  14. I'm thinking it's because the tire profile is not too low and he has the big brake kit so that the rotors don't look too small for the wheels. I'm curious what tires he runs. I'm also curious what the same wheels would look like staggered with 17s up front and 18s in the rear. I assume they're 14" rotors which should fit a 17" wheel.
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  15. svtvgt008.jpg


    @mob I had 18s for a while on the Hoopty. 245 in the front and a 255 in the rear iirc
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  16. I wanted 17's but TF doesn't make them in a 17. Actually finding 17's will be difficult 18's seem to be the common starting point.

    The fronts are 13" rotors the standard R brake kit.
  17. I think i had seen them produce 1 or 2 custom sets of 17 with the stepped lip

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  18. Looks like Mob might have given up on his own thread... :)
  19. removed to polish since it was supposed to be rainy

    they look pretty great in the pics I however and dealing with "micro scratches"
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  20. did i ever say me likes shiney :D