"different" Wheels Pics $$$$

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  1. Yes... It's terrible! :nonono:

    You should just send them to me so that you have that issue to deal with anymore. :nice:
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  2. dudes from Washington State and expects us to believe its going to rain. :cool:
  3. The term is "micro marring" and it doesn't show in the pics but there is a lot of it. I am gonna order up some adams or poor boys billet polish.
  4. Are you still rolling the Drifts or did you swap to those TF's.

    IMO the Drifts just look so much more unique on your Fox. Probably because five spokes have been the staple for sooooo long, I have gotten board seeing them. I think the Drift's update your car...

    If you did swap from the Drifts, LMK if you had issues with them. I was thinking about running a set and would love to have feedback on their construction quality and how well they fit.

    I did read about your car on another thread, where you mention that you are running an MM K-member and 96 spindles. I will be running 94 conversion parts, but the feedback will help all the same.
  5. Yes I switched away from the drifts, not be cause of problems but because I always wanted a nice set of forged wheels on the car and Steve the owner of TF made me a deal I couldn't pass up. I had no problems with the Drift wheels at all, for the price they are hard to beat.

    The MM K moves the wheels forward on my car 3/4" and they suggest a 96+ spindle when using their K member, the tires rub on inner fender liner a bit at full lock but its not bad at all
  6. 1 vote for Adams polishes btw
  7. What did you do with the Drift? Did you swap tires as well?

    Don't get me wrong about the TF's, they are awesome too. I just showed my son your car with the TF's and he identified them right away as being High End Wheels.

    We had your car in our model for wheels line-up for a while, with the Drifts on it. I thought I had made up my mind about wheels. I was going with Saleen Replicas for fitment purposes; Dang!, until I saw yours again with the Drifts. Got to make them work on my 86 somehow. Oh well, they're just wheels, I can always change them out...

  8. Yes I sold them to a buddy back when I lived in San Diego for his 04 Cobra. I did swap the tires on to the TF wheels. 9" wheels can work on 86, I have never done it so I cant offer any advice. I do know on my 93 the 255''s up front take up most of all the room.

    Good luck I dont think I have seen Drifts on 4 eye yet.
  9. yeah I run a 245 up front and have a little rub at full lock but I also don't have limiters in my rack and pinion.
  10. Same here on my 91. It is the rim on the lower A arm though in my case.
  11. David, do you have a four eye?? can't remember...

    Yeah, I am hoping limiters will do the trick. I saw that "Goverdill " has a totally different suspension set-up out front on his 93 GT. And same here, I haven't seen any 4 eyes on Drifts either. I've been hunting for someone who has to get ahead of the curve. I guess I'll try to pave the way when I get to my final wheel install.
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  12. nope aero nose 91 but i have 17x9s up front. 100% stock suspension.
  13. Revisiting... The 505A wheel I posted before only comes in 18" and above, too. I really think 18" just looks too big on a Fox. Gonna keep looking.
  14. This sure does look good, though: 17-s71-5lug-x-120mm-a9c.jpg
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  16. I really like those Welds! Ive seen them a few times on cars with the skinnies and one with 8" up front i think, I'd rock them.
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  17. Yeah yeah, GroverDill. I saw what you said. Can't stop me from trying, though.
  18. YES they are nice...and you can get them in 4 lug!! I went with tried n true draglights
  19. ??? WHAT??? The true forged welds can be bought in 4 lug? Gotta link?
  20. Not not the TF THE WELDS......