Differential flush

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by StygianStang, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. How do you check it? How do you know if a change is needed?

    and what is the process? (and difficulty)

    thanks everyone
  2. You should change your rear differential fluid every 20-25k miles. Depending on how harsh you drive your car. To check to see if your low, just unbolt the bolt on the back of the differential case and stick your little finger in there. If you can get fluid on your finger, theres enough in there. To change the fluid, just unbolt some of the bolts at the base of the differential case and let it all drain out. Then, just fill it back up through the bolt on the upper-rear portion of the differential cover. Typically, it will require 3qts and a 4oz. bottle of friction modifier. Be sure to use synthetic gear lubricant as well. Motorcraft makes some in a 75w-140 weight.
  3. Wow, that sounds fairly easy. No gasket on the dif?
  4. o.....im sure it may not make a difference, but its an explorer. Not sure if its 4x4. If so, same for the front?
  5. Pretty much the same. I dont think you'll need a new gasket unless if you have a leak or something. As for the 4x4, the only difference I can think of would be the amount of fluid you may have to use and the location of the bolt you take out to check the fluid might be located differently. Im sure you will notice it though.
  6. sounds easy enough. someone told me it was, i just wanted to make sure. thanks a heep. :nice: