Difficult start? timing? or lack of fuel?

Discussion in '2.3L (N/A & Turbo) Tech' started by charlesw6954, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. yea when my friend goes outside to start his 2.3liter lx it cranks perfectly but it'll just crank for a few seconds then he'll let go and crank it over again and it will start.

    i was thinking that there could be messed up timing. or that one of those fuel injectors are bad. the fuel pump works good. right now hes in the process of fixing it up for daily driver.
  2. Mine does that also, but only during winter :shrug:
    Could be timing, but I think my air/fuel is mixed up.
    (timing is 11° advanced)

    This summer I replaced distributor cap, coil, spark plugs and wires, nothing related to those parts I guess.

    Is the choke working ? Mine can be an ass sometimes :rolleyes: