Digital camera question.....?

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  1. O.K guys need little help here,I am trying to make some video with my digital camera,The video coming out nice, but i don't have a sound....anyone can teal me what is the problem,is my camera no good for that or what is the deal.......
  2. Perhaps you might want to consult with your owners manual???
  3. some just take video, no audio
  4. mine did both but the video quality was poor and the sound wasnt any better. GREAT pictures and features. i just bought a canon camcorder for like $350 it was a lot cheaper than my camera but i like it a lot!
  5. some of them dont have a speaker on the camera for audio play back, only a mic to record it. you have to transfer the video file onto you P.C. and it should play back with the audio as well. unless it is a older camera it may not do audio at all.
  6. I have HP photosmart 620 camera,that think is making nice pictures and video clops but it don't have a audio.I think is time for a new camera.....
    By the way on Monday I gonna have my cams installed in the car,so I want to make video to share whit everybody.
  7. Yep -- your camera doesn;t appear to support audio recording for video clips.

    If you are looking at new cameras, my recommendation would be to get something in the Canon Powershot line. I've used 4 or 5 different cameras (personally and for work) over the last couple of years, and the Canons far and away have the best features & usability for the price.
  8. Hey thanks for the suggestion man,I am gonna look in to them.......
  9. are you lacking audio playback from the camera itself, or from your P.C. also?
    you need to upload the file onto your computor to be sure it is not recording audio.
  10. Yep I did that no audio..........