Dilema with online order....need advice quickly

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  1. Hi gang, here is my problem, difficult background to explain so bare with me please.
    For Xmas I ordered a new Kenwood stereo and CD changer from John's Mustang (let me just say these folks are all right in my book as far as service goes). The day after I placed the order they called to let me know the 12 disc CD changer I ordered to go with the unit was no longer available, but they could swap me either a Kenwood 10 disc or a JVC 12. I only ordered the 12 originally because it claimed compatability with my stereo, so I told them so long as either would work, that I guess I'd stick with Kenwood. Well, I got the unit a week later and it was not compatable, it was not a remote work thru the the FM type that I needed. They were very appologetic and courteous and immediately offered to pick up the unit via reverse UPS, and that they could send me a Sony unit that was guaranteed to work, it was a little more, but they would do an even exchange. OK, now how can you argue with that right? I got it last night, and I even still have the original unit they have not picked up yet. The unit is excellent, it has a wire and wireless remote system and looks like it will be easy to install.

    Now for the dilema part. While it is true that I have found pricing for this unit online that supports what they told me "it was a little more, but they would do an even exchange" (Sony MSRP $229.95 vs. Kenwood $189.95) I have also found no less than 4 or 5 places that are selling the unit for as low as $129.95!!!!!!!! And every price in between for that matter. That's $60 bucks less. They clearly call out on their website as their very first bulletin for reasons to buy here: Competitive: Price matching on same brand and quality items. so I guess my dilema is really a moral one. After the great way they treated me, do I deserve the right still to ask for a rebate now? what would you do?

    EDIT UPDATE: BTW, after closer searching, I did notice that the websites selling for $129.99 were actually units refurbished by Sony, so that isn't a fair comparison. The actual best new price was $155.99, so now we are only talking about a $34 difference. I guess I am entitled to at least ask them, I just don't want to seem like one of those impossible to please customers. :shrug:
  2. To be truthful I'd call them up and ask them about the price matching. The worst thing possible they can do is say no they coulnd't match the price difference. Then you have the choice of returning the unit and buying it somewhere else or just eating it.
  3. Be sure you've checked your alternate vendor's shipping/handling charges first. I've been soured on many theoretically "great deals" due to artificially inflated shipping/handling charges.
  4. I've been stung a couple times by super low prices, only to find the item was NOT the same. I recently needed a new primer gun and most of the vendors were selling the model I wanted for about $120. I found the same gun on ebay for $106, so I bought it. Even though I thought I'd read it carefully, I failed to notice that the "cheaper" version didn't have the regulator on the gun. When it got here, I was disappointed to find it didn't have the regulator, and called a place I've had good luck with (and who offered the same gun for $119) and bought a regulator ($18 + shipping= $23) and now my "bargain" ended up costing me quite a bit more than if I'd gone with the regular place. But as you've said, it doesn't hurt to ask!
  5. Could just be me, but over 34 dollars, I'd just let it go and consider it a wash. You got outstanding service from John's (good Houston boys), and they did everything short of doing the price comparison shopping for you to make you happy.
  6. No it's not you Blake, since my edit where I now realize it is actually only a $30 issue and not a $60 issue, I have since decided to let it go also. Considering that they gave me free shipping initially, are arranging a reverse UPS pickup for the return and sent me the replacement in 4 business days instead of 10 at no charge and without return in hand yet, I simply do not have the heart to even bring it to their attention now.

    In fact I just typed out this email and sent it to them 5 minutes ago.


    I just wanted to confirm with you that last night I received my Sony CD unit in exchange for my incorrect Kenwood and that I could not be happier. The level of service and customer satisfaction that I have received in dealing with your company is unmatched in comparison to any of the other Internet sites I have purchased from in the past. Perhaps my only regret is that I never got to visit your company during the year I lived in Flower Mound TX.

    BTW, I checked with my warehouse at work today, and UPS has yet to reverse pick up the Kenwood for you that I am returning as we discussed on the phone last week. As a reminder, that pick up address again is: The Timberland Co. 200 Domain Drive Stratham NH 03885. If you would like to give me an AWB #, I will be sure to monitor it until pick up.

    I also wanted you to know you have more than earned my loyalty, I am in the process of canceling some backorders with both Virginia Classic and NPD, and will be re-placing those orders with you instead some time this week. Thanks again.

    Thanks and Best Regards,


    So tell me Blake, have you had the pleasure of dealing with these guys in person? I confess initially I was a little scared because the good ole houston boy on the phone sounded more like he was Cajun or something and then when I got the wrong item I was thinking "oh boy" but I have to say, with competitve pricing and service to boot, I would have to find one hell of a better deal before I choose to buy an item from anyone else in the future. :nice:
  7. I've never dealt with them in person, as Houston is about as close to me as Philly is to you, but I have ordered a part or two with good results. The greatest service Johns ever did for me was to put a black '65 fastback on the cover of their catalog in the early, early 90's that I got to drool over until I finally found mine. :D
  8. Pak, thanks for giving us your address ;) BTW i'm glad you found a company that has great customer service!
  9. pak good choice on the wash of the extra. We all do this from time to time. I just cant see askign a company to do a price check on something that is say out of state. If it was in state then it would be another story, but still you cant beat great customer service :)
  10. Diplomacy until diplomacy fails. Of course , if it does fail ,and they thumb their nose at you , you can always go to your local community college , get online and reek havoc from an anonymous standpoint.. There are many many ways to wage warfare from afar. Or, show up at their business wearing war paint.. :mad: then scoot back home. After all, no state in the union extradites for assault and battery...

    Me though ? Id forego such hostilities as I am friendly by nature and love everyone. :p Although I suppose I would have a boundary of transgression. A small monetary dispute would however not permeate that boundary . I am a believer in the old adage of what comes around goes around. :rolleyes: .. A funny story to correlate that thought to reality if anyone cares to hear,, When I was but a wee Hopkinator , maybe 13 , I had a bit of a temper. Far from spoiled, just quick to anger. Meds have since helped. :rlaugh: .JUST KIDDING.... One day , I was in an exceptionally nasty mood, cruised down to the belt road, picked up a brick , and nailed this car as it went by. It was a nice car as best I could remember. The car did not wreck, but obviously could have . I later regretted this, as this person had done nothing to me, and I vowed never to hurt anyone again without substantial provacation . Lets move ahead one decade. I was 23 , driving a quite nice 1987 Buick Grand National which I had a lot invested in. As I rounded a corner ,which was walled , the perimeter of an apartment complex , you guessed it, a brick enters my peripheal vision on a collision course . It impacted the front of the hood just at the headlight area. Now I dont think Id win the Ultimate Fighting Championship without breaking a sweat , but im far from defenseless... But I smiled, thought to myself how long Id had that coming, and never even stopped . Comes around goes around.
    Sorry about getting off on a tangent... Youll live longer reacting to lifes minor injustices like you have , as opposed to beating the war drums....But I do specify minor injustices...