Dilemma...what to buy? 2005GT vs. used 03 Cobra?

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  1. It just so happens that I am going to be in the market for a vehicle about september/october of 2004 when I turn in my wife's leased pick up truck.

    We are both really pumped about the 2005 Mustang GT. However, we are sort of torn.

    The new GT will undoubtedly be in the $25K-$29K price range when they first hit the market, which is fine. The dilemma comes from the fact that we could snag a used 2003/2004 Cobra for less than that, and have the benefits of a 6 speed, supercharged 4V engine, IRS, and the fact that it's a limited production SVT Cobra. I imagine that the used prices on those things is going to be in the low to mid 20's for one in good shape that has not been abused, and will still have low enough miles to benefit from a warranty, etc.

    I guess my question, is which way would you go?

    The new GT will have a superior chassis (you would think), the new styling, slightly more room on the interior, etc.

    The 2003/04 Cobra needs no justification at all...it is what it is.

    FYI, neither car will be modded until the warranty is expired and the car is paid for, and we do intend on keeping the car, whichever we buy, for a long, long time.

    Which would you buy?

    Sir Hacksalot
  2. Thats a tough one...

    The Beautiful Beautiful new Mustang...( :drool: )

    Or a Tire-Roasting 400 HP, Mid-12 Sec. Cobra... ( :drool: )

    Damn Dude, Thats Tough, They are both my dream cars...
  3. When I think about it, I tend to lean towards the 03 Cobra.

    The engine/trans/drivetrain just impress the daylights out of me. They are way overengineered for strength, 6 bolt mains, forged crank, connecting rods, pistons, etc. Designed to withstand massive amounts of boost from the factory, intercooled, etc...and coupled with the fact that the aftermarket is overflowing with goodies for the 03 serpent just makes the decision that much more difficult.

    My wife is leaning towards the Cobra, and her logic is that the 2005 is a 'clean sheet of paper', and there may be some bugs that won't be worked out until the next couple of model years.

  4. Honestly, I would make this judgement after you test drive the 2005 GT. Perhaps it will be much roomier, handle better, and etc.

    Though for now, you can make judgements about styling. Do you like the the current Cobra styling better than the 2005 GT?

    Personally, I would probably go with the Cobra, as the new styling has disappointed me. I'm hoping it will grow on me, but it wasn't what I was expecting from the concept.

    Though having the latest technology would appeal to me, you also might want to consider that first year cars could be flawed and lack minor styling upgrades that the public seems to want.
  5. I would go for the Cobra personally. What if they come out with improvements or more engine options for 2006? I would be upset that I jumped the gun on a 2005 just to have the latest thing. Plus its always good to let others try out the new model first!
  6. I think that's a tough decision. I for one love the new looks of the 05 Mustang but it's definitely hard to beat 400hp out of the box. I love having the parts to back of the power from the factory. My old supercharged 95 had plenty of power but lacked so much in terms of supporting hardware. I say drive them both before deciding. I still have some issues with my 03 Cobra, like drivers position. I can't get comfortable. I've thought about getting rid of the seats for something else. I have to reach way to far forward just to shift. It's my biggest pet peeve with this car. I bet the 2005 won't have this problem (at least for me). I too would love to have a new GT as well but the power isn't what I'm looking for. Most likely a new 06/07 Cobra will find a home in my garage to replace my 03 Cobra.
  7. Well if you aren't going to mod until the car is paid off I think most of the appeal of the 03 Cobra goes out the window. However if you are keeping the car stock the 05 Stang will still have most of it's appeal(i.e. the new improved looks).
  8. A couple things on the subject. While I understand everyone's first year jitters about the car. This thing has been delayed long enough. That you would expect quality was made a priority. I have no concerns of bugs at all.

    now onto the question at hand. If your only concerns are hp, 6 speed, and IRS. Then get the Cobra. But remember you may have to look hard to find one not abused in some way. I love my Cobra don't get me wrong. But the higher insurance and having to pay for premium gas kind of sucks. And with the S/C you'll have even worse fuel economy. Then you have to worry abut buying one with a shifter or some other non-apparent mods on it. I believe it was someone on this board that bought one with a shifter aready on it. and when the tranny had problems they said the shifter caused it. And were trying to vid the warrantee.
    Now on the other hand. If you want the look of the 05. The possibility of better handling without mods. And the chance to know what the real history of your vehicle is. And if you are going to wait until the warrantee is over to mod it. Why not get one that looks to need less mods. Than you know the choice.
    what is you intended purpose for this car? ARe you going to make it into a racecar? Or is it going to be a daily driver? Weekend only?
  9. Do you plan to own either past the point the car is out of warranty? I'd want to drive both before making the decision, but suspect I'd opt for the 05.
  10. A cobra will always be a cobra whatever year of GT you get...if u know u want a cobra..get it....beyond the body styles/HP/TQ #..a GT will never be a cobra..my0.02...
  11. As stated before a Cobras a Cobra. But to find good raw material might be hard to find. Most are modified in one way or the other. The way I see it is if I can't afford the Cobra new I don't want it then because of the above reason. Even in the mid to high 20s that would be alot of cash for something probably beat and used. IMO that I would wait to see the new GT and make the decision.
  12. I sure understand that, but...I bet dollars to donuts, that the vast majority of Cobra owners are middle aged guys in their 50's that are the type that would buy a vette for having a vette...they bought a cobra to have one, and haven't done a darn thing to it but drive it when the sun is shining...it's probably like any other stang...just have to be cautious.

    As for what I want to use the car for...it will probably be a daily driver for about a year, then a fairweather, weekend, occaisional drag strip car.

  13. I think you might lose that bet. Unless you consider 30's middle age. I know many Cobra owners and very few have kept there Cobras stock. I think only 2 are 45+ yrs old.
  14. many 03 cobras are being modded and beaten on. check out modularfords.com and go thru their terminator forum. you'll see what I mean. and most of these guys are grown men.adult owned doesn't mean much when it comes to the 03 cobra. :nice:
  15. First, I have watched the used 03 prices in my area and the cheapest I saw was a totally stock low mileage one for 29,000 and some change. Maybe your area is different but low 20's in the next nine months for an unmolested cobra seems optimistic. Second, since you won't be ready to buy for nine months, wait and see what the new gt and cobra will be about. Also, wait and see if the rumors of an 06 Shelby GT350 based on the GT and GT500 with 4 valve power come to pass. As for quality of a new model, by the time your ready to buy, there should be plenty of light on that subject. Recently, there was a dealership in Houston offering Mach 1's for 8,000 off msrp. MSRP was 29,995 and he had two for 21,995. That was tempting as hell. But I've decided that if I buy a new mustang, it will be the new bodystyle or nothing. Good luck either way, and take your time deciding cause you have nine months.
  16. If you are looking purely for the juice, get an '03 Cobra.
    If you want a great overall package, wait and test drive
    the new 2005 GT before making a decision. The idea of
    a Mustang GT getting close to $30K sounds bad, though.

    I have seen un-abused, low-mile '03 Cobras for $28-29K.
    People either could not afford them or felt the car is way
    to nice to be racing and/or beating the snot out of.
  17. The GT now, not the special edition or anything stickers for around 25 to 26k loaded. A couple thousand on msrp for new redesign is not bad. Plus, thats just sticker. Too many people get hung up on that. They will discount them after new-ness wears off. Consider that some dealers are selling new GT's right now for under 20k. Thats what my brother paid for his 2000 model supposedly on sale back then when they stickered for about 22k to 23k.
  18. Sir Hacksalot -

    Gearheads are still gearheads regardless of their age.

    Cobra owners are almost always gearheads and modify their cars.

    I just turned 40.

    I would love a new Cobra and would mod the living heck out of it, but a health problem might not allow me to drive a stick on a daily basis.

    I also own a 2001 Vette Vert 6 speed that I gave to my father, it is a stick and I had just about traded it on my 2000 GT automatic, but my payment was only $365 a month on the Vette so my father couldn't resist and took it over.

    I must admit, 50% of Vette owners are only in it for status, the other 50% are gearheads like you and I, especially the Z06 owners. I still love to spank Vette owners with my Stangs, their reaction is priceless. Beating a 03 Cobra is fun too.

    MY 2000 GT has a Novi 2000 and I also bought a 92 supercharged 5.0, both automatics to quench my thirst for a 03 Cobra, but I must admit, the temptation is hard to resist, especially now that my 2000 GT blew the #1 piston.
    It is currently being fixed and now that it is in stock condition, I might trade it on a 03 Cobra and sell off the Blower and other performance parts. I will lose a boatload of money if I do it though.

    I just got my Motor Trend and when I saw the 2005 GT I was like :banana:

    Now I have to decide if I should wait or not on making any moves, but the 2006 Cobra is gonna be even sweeter I'll bet.

    Decisions, Decisions - Blown 00GT, 03 Cobra, 05GT, either way you will be happy. :nice:

  19. You sort of summed it up exactly as I see it.

    Especially this part...


  20. I would definately go with the '03 Cobra. With the new models coming out, the price of the '03 should be dropping considerably...oh wait you said used right? Still the '03 would be my choice. :nice: