[dilemna] 3k and a bone stock 88 5.0

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  1. Well I have been reading thread after thread and searchin for more threads, but once again I find myself stuck with no clue where to take this. Well I have 3k to spend on my 88 5.0 as far as mods and upgrades. I have read some threads that say start with the exhaust, then some say start with the top of the motor, then some say start with the suspension. And all give good cases as to why. Then you have the posts where something is said like "it doesnt make sense to this if you have not done that". So I basically want a lil push in the right of what could be done with my bone stock 88 htchbk with my current budget. My end goal is to have a sweet and fast street car that wont be driven daily but maybe like 2-3 times per week (350-400 rwhp would be nice). But I want to make the most of this money I have now because I wont be able to drop anymore lump sums anytime soon, just kinda nickel and dime for a while.

    Please advise, also if you could throw out some brand names (maybe links) with your suggestions that would be cool, so I can research those too!
  2. With 3k to spend i'd put my money on heads,cam,intake and do a full exhaust. Everyones opinions will vary but this will be the best bang for the buck. Everything else will be nickel and dime type stuff but these things ive listed will be the most expensive, unless of course you want boost.
  3. Gears, chassis & suspension, exhaust and give it a good tune up. As far as Im concerned, the motor is generally the last to need attention. Of course if there is anything that is in poor repair, do that first.
  4. darth -
    I considered that being my first look as well....But then I read a thread that the 273's in my car now will make a couple of those items mute....The whole formula thing is just kinda confusing to me. You have any recommendations on name brands for those items?
  5. Mr Kwik
    I have given the car a full tune up.....including fuids and filters and had the engine compression checked.... When you say chassis what kind of maintenance does that consist of? I also read that I should wait to see what kind of wheel I want to use before doing suspension. That sounds backwards to me but is that true?
  6. Gears, Exhaust, Supercharger. That should eat up your 3K. Shop on Ebay & save a few bucks. That should be enough to make the car plenty fast for now & then you can save up for the suspension, heads, intake, ect. Besides, superchargers just sound cool :nice:
  7. your in cali, so does this car have mass air? if so you should do gears first no matter what then go from there on engine suspension mods. it depends if you want 1/4 mile car road race or daily driver.
    but gears first but plan your gears for future mods.
  8. i would go with the trick flow H/C/I kit and gears ( http://trickflow.com/product/enginekits/pr_enginekits.asp ) it will get you to about 310-320rwhp if you have a 5 speed. About the same cost per hp as a blower to get you to the 300 to 350 range. On the other hand the bower route would be much easier to do....it up to you
  9. You can do a baisic H/C/I swap and still have enough for gears and an exausht...
  10. RSW
    I am not sure if it has that or not, will check when I get home tho. Not interested in the 1/4 mile deal, but I dont want to be a pushover on the streets. I dont want to get beat by imports (EVER)

    Thanks for the link evil 88....I have been reading the threads about the on going battle between Trickflow and gt40 stuff

    The h/c/i swap is sounding tastier and tastier.

    Please keep the advice coming...
  11. 3k for gears exhaust and a supercharger? **** man, where do you shop?
  12. well what i would start with.. is probally a full exhaust , i perfure bassani but somepeople dont like the sound but i think its mean as hell..i would go bassni headers h and mufflers. then probally a trick flow upper and lower intake. this should bring u into the 2000 prolly soo next a 4 10 gear. and a CAI (bbk cold air probally) Just my opinion tho.
  13. It all depends on what you want to do. Do you want to spend this 3k and make it as fast as possible with that money.
    Or do you want to spend this 3k and have a continuing build up.

    If the first i say do get a stage 2 heads, cam, intake combo,with pullies, exhaust, and gears. You can easily Do all that with 3k if you are not afraid to buy used parts.

    Now if you want the second option then get gears and a vortex s trim kit. Boost your stock motor and have fun then when you get more money you can base your HCI combo for Boost and really make some power.

    Personally I think it is best to have a plan for your car and just work on achiving the stuff you want. I ultimatlly want a turbo 408w so i try and do all the mods that i can with the money i have to work tords that goal.
  14. I do have a plan kinda....But I do want to make my car as fast as possible withthis money but dont want to have to re-buy stuff. So I guess you can say I want to build off of it as well. I am now researching the different exhaust systems and the diffs between x and h pipe and all that stuff.....Thanks for the advice....as youc an tell I am a very careful shopper. Dont like buying what I dont know about.
  15. hmmm since your car is all tuned and running good.

    i would go in this order....

    subframe connectors
    short throw shifter
    full exhaust (get like borla or something real good)
  16. I say def gears, exhaust, H/C/I. Then save up for better suspension (springs, shocks, sub frames). I noticed a huge difference in the ride of the car after all of my suspension mods. Rides a lot stiffer and more comfortable.

    Brand names:
    Gears: FRPP (ford racing)
    exhaust: I am a flowmaster fanatic. Used them in almost all my cars.
    Springs: eibach, or ford racing b or c springs
    shocks: kyb, tokico... several brands out there for that
    subframes: mine are off of ebay (no brand name) and I love the quality. Sanded them then painted them semi flat black and put them on myself.
  17. You can hit up ebay right now and get a gt40 h/c/i and have 1,000 left over for an exausht and gears.
  18. I would also say find a decent H/C/I setup for about 2 g's maybe...then do gears and a good exhaust. You can always supercharge a decent HCI later to make great streetable power (Kenne Bell)
  19. I would personally start with the Brakes and do a SN95 Conversion, the stock brakes are barely enough to stop the car bone stock. No reason to have more power if you cant stop the car! Gears an exhaust and SFCs would top my list after the brakes!
  20. Great advice, thanks guys....(tbadair thanks for the brand names). Someone mentioned ebay and I am glad you did, I was soooo close to going with a trick flow h/c/i, but I am going to see if I can save a buck or 2 bidderman by shopping ebay. But I think I have decided on the h/c/i gears and exhaust mods.....then I am going to slap on some brakes that I have on a lincoln mark 7. Then maybe around tax time drop something for my suspension.

    Then I have to mod my 84...but just slightly because it will be a daily driver.

    Thanks everyone.....as always more advice is always welcome.