dipstick fell off. what can i do?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by pomofro, Dec 29, 2003.

  1. its midnight and i just get home from work. im tryin to see whats wrong with my idle but thats not the worst of it. my dipstick tube has always been flimbsy since i put my headers back on and it finally just fell off. i spent 2 hours in the dark tryin to get it back but it was so bent up it wasnt happening. so now what? do i have to plug up the hole? im not positive which one it is either.can i judge my oil level by my inaccurate guage, or is having a little bit more better than a little bit less?

    to make it worse, my cd got stuck in the cd player.
  2. gthey just slide right back into the balck, your should be able to see the hole if you underneath the car with a flashlight. Youll be able to pick a new one up anywhere fairly cheap too, good luck. Dont plug it up or ignore it!
  3. My dipstick broke off right at the block on my Stang V6 and the only way to fix it was to drop the oil pan.....yea right thats alot of work but anyway I rigged it up by getting a new Dipstick tube, Jamming it in the old one cuz it sits inside about 5 inches or so, J B welding around it and then finally refilingmy oil the the right level and then i marked that on the Dipstick..
  4. I had this happen, it broke right at the block. What I did to fix it was get a bolt the size of the hole, wrench it in there till the threads grabbed the remaining piece of the dipstick tube, and hit the bolt with a hammer and screw driver. After a few hard wacks from below, the bolt and piece came flying out, and I installed my nice new chrome one I got on Ebay. Definitely don't run the car with the hole open, you'll loose oil fast, plug it until you can fix it.
  5. it is located right around the stering above the lip of the oil pan. mine is loose all the time to and it pops off of the header bolt.
  6. Same kind of thing happened to me. I had just installed ceramic shorties on my '88 coupe. I took it out for a test spin, and every time I got on the gas, smoke would start coming from the engine bay. So I pulled it into the garage, and saw the dipstick sitting on my workbench.


    Worst part about it was I had burnt oil all over my brand new ceramic headers, and it was a PITA to get off.
  7. but i dont really have time until i order a nice one or fix it in the next couple days. is this thing gonna leak crucial amounts of oil
  8. YEs u will loose crucial amounts of oil, as long as u have the old dipstick and its not broken, it should fit back in there.They are flimsy so u have room to play withit. Get a flashlight and get to work! dont drive it.
  9. well i didnt plug it up and put quite a few miles on it. check oil light came on today and as soon as it happened i put a quart in. how low does it have to be for the light to come on? and i got smart and plugged it once this happened