Direction I Should Go With My Build?

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  1. Check out dss racing in Lombard Illinois or Ford Strokers or RicksGT He's a sponser/member on here and will give you a much more detailed price range for what you might need. Total budget build would be the" junkyard builds" that are pretty popular.
  2. Well pretty nuch any engine rebuilder can turn the stock block into a 331 right and then I would probable pair that with the trick flow setup....would that nake more power then the say the eco short block setup? I can prob find a 331 short block right?
  3. Yes any of them can do it. Just need to do some extra maching on the block. Rotating assembly can be bought for under 900$. 331 vs 302/306 with the same h/c/i will make more HP and more TQ. With tfs kit should put something like 325-350rwhp. Just remember that if you are planning on a power adder later that the stock block is questionable after 450 or so rwhp. If you're rebuilding the 302 def go stroker it costs very little more than the 302
  4. What is the price to power ratio between 331 and 347? Is the 347 all that much more expensive and does it make all that much more power than a 331?
  5. No. same price. 347 = more power.

    Edit: as to how much extra power, it's probably roughly 347/331 or almost 5% more. But that's very simplistic and it would assume that you have appropriate parts for each motor, and not simply the same parts on both. If you put the same GT40 heads, same cam, same intake on both motors, you'd probably see identical power numbers, though you'd get them at lower RPM on the 347, and the 347 would still make more torque while it could breath. But if you've opened up all the air you can get to the motor, the 347 will make more. You'd also obviously be limited to the upper limit of the power the block can handle if you pushed it too hard. 500rwhp is my number for that safe limit.

    If n/a is your thing, that's cool, but mine would be a cheap turbo kit on an Explorer motor. Many guys have done it, and can push the blocks right to the upper limit. I like the approach because if something goes wrong, you're not into it for much $, and you could just find another motor for a few hundred buck rather than getting popped for having to rebuild/replace everything on the motor.

    Back to the stroke question, if you know my personal mustang, you'll note I have a 331, which I built from scratch, but there was a very specific reason in my case that does not apply to 95+% of guys. If I were to build another n/a stroker from a 302, it would be a 347, no question.

    ps. Here's all you'll ever need to read to understand the argument of 331 vs. 347:
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  6. Here's the million $ question is a 331/347 a reliable build? Say I went with a 347 stroker would I be able to drive it everyday? Its not my only car but I would like it to be my main mode of transportation. . I wouldn't do anything crazy just the 347 paired with a tfs kit...325-350 rwhp would perfect for me imo. And is the power gaines from that combo noticably different then my stock motor now? I know it is but how much better is it
  7. Tough to answer. I think it could be reliable, but as a general rule I would have to say you'd never get OEM-like reliability from an engine with a lot of aftermarket parts. Repairs would be more expensive, and common. As far as the stroker kit itself goes, I don't know if you'll get the same kind of mileage out of a stroker, but there's nothing unreliable about one that's built right.

    My thinking is: explorer motor (~200-500), valve spring job (?), used S-trim blower or turbo kit (1k-2k). Tune ($500). Of course, you'd still need a fuel system, ignition stuff, cooling system upgrades, and a drivetrain.
  8. Question tho y would I want an explorer motor when I have my 5.0 now? Can't I just throw a used turbo or supercharger on ot now and wait for it blow to pieces then get the exploroer motor as a replacement? Lol....I would rather have a new motor making less power then a junk motor making tons of unneeded power lol just my opinion tho...
  9. I just want a nice looking awesome sounding really dun car to drive...I have the looks and the sound but this cars slow as I need atleats another 1-200 hp to make it fun.
  10. Fun not dun....damn phone. I also don't want to put myself in a hole by putting more money into the car then its worth

    These cars are selling for around 10 grand with a nice rebuilt car....I spent 1700 $ on it and would like to spend another 4-4500 on the motor and prob another grand or so making the car ride springs shocks etc....I'm gonna paint the car myself I have all the equipment I just don't know what good paint is out there.. so in all I'm prob going to put about 8 grand or so into the car thatway I can prob get most of my money back in the future.
  11. No "Like" cheating :nono: ...I'll help you out though :nice:
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  12. :lol: ... If you are thinking that you will get back what you spend. Those $10000 cars probably have $15-20000 into them. I can attest to maybe getting 50-70% usually. Just enjoy it and don't worry about the resale value or don't spend the money at all.
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  13. My rule of thumb is not to expect more than about 1/3 of mod money back out of the car. In any case, yeah, if you've got a running 5.0, there's nothing wrong with your approach. The explorer motor idea is just a cheap way to get higher performance heads, intake, throttle body, injectors, etc...
  14. I'm not actually planning on selling the car so resale value isn't a worry... but I still don't want to spend too much and idk there is a ton of 94-95 gts rebuilt selling for ten grand or just under.. in my area anyway...but if I put this much work into this car as long as I can get atleast 6 grand or so if I were to sell it for a newer mustang I will be happy...I know you never get what you put into it back.
  15. And who ever puts 15 to 20 grand into a 94 gt is crazy or money isn't an issue...unless itsa ppurpose built race car then I can see spending that much..

    Anyway what came in the 95 saleen mustangs was it a 351w? I wouldn't mind making a saleen
  16. Wanna know something funny one of my friends drives all the car gurus around here crazy when he beats the snot out of there cars witj a 98 buick regal lol in all honesty that regal is one of the fasteat cars on the streets of brick nj lol he upgraded the fuel system and put a bigger supercharger on it and now he's keeping up if not beating vettes. Everybody was shocked on dyno day when he put up 394 hp to the front wheels lmao
  17. I wouldn't find that hard to believe. Back in the 80's Buick made both a Regal T Type and Grand National. They easily went deep 12's with just a few mods. Those cars are wicked fast and to this day are sought after. The GNX model was even rarer and faster. Back in the 80's and 90's guys like Gene Deputy used to have Mustang/GN grudge race events every year. I ran across a few in my time and admit before I had the supercharger got smoked. If that guy has similar mods then no doubt he's going fast.
  18. Believe it or not he only put about 2200 $ into the car to get that power too if it wasn't so damn ugly ide have one lol I Believe it had chevys 3800 series engine wich is found in the camaros and monte carlos I had one in my firat camaro before the z its a strong 6cyl engine...
  19. I remeber one night he floored it off the line the car pulled so hard it knocked both front hubcaps off lol its a fun car to drive but damn its ugly.. pure sleeper
  20. Ha
    ha thanks man