Dirty Stang + Warm Temperatures = Clean Stang

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  1. Temps the last 2 days have been in the 50's. Had to take advantage of the great weather to give her a nice wash and wax and a good interior cleaning. Got the touchup paint out and filled in all the chips and spots. I usually post only the clean pics, so this time I'm posting some of the dirty ones too. Just wanted to prove that I do drive it in bad weather too :D .
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  2. That clean ass car is beggin for a 5.0/5.8
  3. Sigh...so jealous.

    1. I am at college away from my stang. :shrug:
    2. My stang is in storage. :(
    3. No driving insurance on it :nonono:

    Is it summer yet?
  4. :Word:
  5. It's been warm here too. All the snow has been melting like crazy and the streets are full of dirty water. I've been driving windows down blasting the radio, but a quick drive leaves my car coated in black dirty snow water. I've had to hose it off 4 times already :(
  6. man ur factory wheels are the same ones that came on my lx but urs apear alot wider
  7. where in IL are u at I am near joliet
  8. either your using convertable supports to tie the uni together or you have some monster curb feelers under that ride.
  9. Nice im in antioch
  10. Looks great man. I washed my filthy car today too. And my dd jeep. Of course I left the jeep outside, and right when I was about through with the car, one of those half cloudy/sunny heavy rains came in and rinsed it for me. Talk about me being pissed.
  11. dude clean car, love teh color!
  12. even when it was dirty it wasn't that dirty lol.
  13. thats what i was thinkin lol......ive got the nice highway salt look goin on :(
  14. I got some oil on mine and it's under a cover in a brand new storage builing.....sleeping
  15. One nice 4 banger.
  16. Ok, so it could have been dirtier, but it was sure bothering me. Im in southeastern Illinois, about 5 hrs south of Chicago. Curb feelers? All stock underneath. I did have my 3 kids inside and the subs weigh the rear end down some. Thanks for the nice comments and keep thinking about summer, it will be here soon.:)
  17. It's supposed to be 80* here today. I am looking forward to taking my top down :)
  18. I wish i was in panama city
  19. nice ride!
  20. that 4 cyl is clean