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  1. Hey guys, I bought a 2008 Mustang GT brand new 3 years ago, I have been very happy with my car. It is my second Mustang, but the paint on the car keeps me from really enjoying it. It chips so easily, I just can't believe it. It only has 35,000 miles on it and every time I wash it, I just want to sell it.

    I know that black is a hard color to keep up and it shows all the scratches, but I think this isn't normal. I took it back into the dealer after I had owned the car for 3 months and they would not do anything. I also have called Ford twice and they don't do anything either.

    I bleed Ford blue, it's all that I have ever owned. My wife wants to buy a Edge, but I'm really let down by their customer service right now.

    Behind the front tire

    Infront of rear tire

    Behind rear tire

    Behind rear tire

    Do you guys think this is normal?

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  2. Looks like damage to me....you live on a dirt road?
  3. I can't tell you why that happens, but mine (also black) is peeling off. It happens specially around the windows. Gotta blame it on the 100+ degree weather.
  4. I'm guessing wide sticky tires and a gravel driveway.
  5. I don't live on a gravel or dirt road. I can post up pics of my 1994 F150 that I drive daily during the winter so this car doesn't get salt on it(and it's bad in the snow), I also drive my truck to do truck things like camping, etc. It's in a lot better shape. My previous Mustang was a 2001 that I put 80,000 miles on for a total of 110,000. It looked better then this car, when I had that one I drove on the same roads because I have worked and lived in the same place for both cars.

    I'm really unhappy with this paint, do you guys have any idea what to do?
  6. What I see is debris damage on your paint. If it's not excessive debris then it's faulty paint. You should try and gauge what it takes to actually damage the paint by intentionally damaging it. Try using your hand or some other type of soft scrubber that would not damage a normal paint job and see what it would do. I think at this point though, you don't have much recourse.
  7. After looking at the pics again, if the damage is not from gravel, then the paint is defective and would fall off if you messed with it enough by hand. I can't see anyway that damage is just bad paint if you can't scrape it off easily with your hand. It looks like every little piece of debris has taken off some paint.
  8. That may be mostly clearcoat damage. My front bumper on my 04
    was like that but not as noticable (yellow paint) I was going to have it repainted but instead buffed it out with my orbital buffer using warm soapy water and mild
    polishing compound. Made a huge improvment. Then you might try
    that turtle wax black box kit for black cars only.
  9. What was the dealers explanation?
  10. those look like bullet holes in top pic lol
  11. No doubt its flaking paint like you say it is but have you tried clay baring or polishing it out, honestly it looks like more like road grime or overspray, just by the looks of the photo that's what it looks like to me. Obviously your there to confirm or deny that.
  12. I have buffed it a few times, with the last time just being a couple of weeks ago. It doesn't do a thing for it. I've also clayed it, but that didn't do anything either. When you touch it you can feel that it's chipped.

    Ateup, I have quite a few chips in the rear quarters where that body line is for side scoops? Does that make sense?

    The dealer said that if I can't get the paint to flake off with a pressure washer then they won't do a thing. I took it back when I noticed it start chipping so easily. They gave me Fords number, so I called Ford, hoping they would take care of me and they won't do a thing.
  13. I still say it's probably road grime you're feeling. Those don't look like chips at all.

    I'd give the claybar or compound another shot with a DA.
  14. I have tried that a few times. I even bought some tar and bug remover and that didn't help either. You can catch the chips with your finger nail and feel that they are chips and not bumps. It's weird when I rub the tar remover onto it because it starts to lighten it up, not all the way but it helps then I can slowly watch everything re appear.
  15. Judging by the chipping patterns and the color of the defects, it's obvious to me that it is indeed paint chipping that was caused by road debris. It's so bad, it looks like a bug would have caused it to chip. Did this happen gradually? I really have a hard time believing if it is defective, and that easy to damage with road debris, that you couldn't damage it with a pressure washer. What kind and size tires do you run?
  16. I noticed it when I first bought the car within a couple of weeks. I thought it was just because of the car being black and I could noticed things more. In about 6 months it was pretty bad and I took it back to the dealer. It has gotten worse since then, but it has looked pretty bad since after the first 6 months of ownership.

    Tires that were on it for the first year were 245's, now it has BFG KWD 255's.
  17. I would

    What I would do is start a file with dates and names of all communications with everyone from the dealer to Ford. Make HIGH Quality pictures every week, and keep up the complaints for a few months. If The dealer and Ford wont help, start an action in small claims court. You MUST have evidence such as an expert witness that will testify that what you have is defective paint.
  18. I would call Ford customer service and complain.... Im a painter for a living, That is not normal..... Rock chips are normally found on hoods, fenders and front bumpers... But its not that in your case...

    It could be a bad batch of primer in those areas... or other wise know as delamination.. where you paint starts to come off in areas..

    That happened to my Roush on the right fender, I took it to a Ford dealership. The Bodyshop manager came out to inspect my car.. Not knowing Im a painter for another Dealership.. He says to me looks like battey acid got on your car... So OPENED my hood and showed him I have Optima battey it cant leak.. and it has been in the car for 2 two years. I looked at him and said it looks to me like it has delamintion cause the paint is popping from the inside out... He just looked at me .. and said we will get it taken care of ... But call Ford and complain!!!!! tell them your thinking about buying another ford product.. But you have changed you mind because thier not standing behind thier product..
  19. Stage1, I have done that twice. I've called Ford and complained. My wife wants to buy a new Ford Edge, but this makes me not want to give them the business, I even told them that both times that I called and they didn't seem to care.

    That's all I want them to do is just fix it, I completely understand things are not perfect and there will be a problem sometimes, but as long as i get taken care of it's all good with me. My 2001 Mustang had the intake manifold crack and leak, I just went out bought a new one and installed it. I never called Ford to complain, between that and a stuck brake caliper were the only problems in 70,000 miles. It was a great car.

    Also when I bought it I paid a little extra for some Shelby suspension parts installed by the dealer. Come to find out about a year later from one of their mechanics the parts were off of a used GT500 that a owner brought in to have some suspension package installed on his car by that dealer. I even reported that to Ford, and I went back to the dealer about it. The dealer won't do anything and Ford won't have my back.

    It sucks because I really like Ford. I'm glad you guys see it my way though, I was thinking that I was being to picky about it.
  20. Well, I would get some independant (Respectable) Paint shops to Inspect the cars paint. See if they can verify the cause of your problems. When all else fails hire a good Lawyer.. Take them to court.. Big companies lose case's all the time. But some people dont have the balls to fight for whats right.. As a Professional Painter .. That is not normal wear and tear( Thats bad Paint or primer).. I know all your looking for is your to look good again nothing else.. To paint your car (out of pocket) could range from 3k to 5k ... For a complete all over... The cracked intake on your other Mustang Ford turned that into a recall.. (I worked for Ford at on time).. Before the recall, people were paying out of pocket to get the intakes fixed.. Then a bunch of people got together (through Blogging ) and got a class action lawsuit againt ford .. Guess what Ford lost !!!!! Had to pay out thier ass..... Make enough noise you will be heard.. Plus sometimes calling them everyday helps... All the customer service reps read off a que card anyways.. its a script... Get with a supervisor... or Call the dealership where you bought the car and ask for the zone reps number.. Yes the dealership has a Boss too...

    Good luck in your fight bro!!!!