Disappointed with VHT Nite-Shades - Washed/Waxed Pics

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  1. Well i got bored and finally decided to tint my taillights with the VHT nite shades tint spray thats been laying around my house for about a year now.

    First off, i DO NOT recommend it at all just because its so easy to mess things up and is basically permanent!
    --I applied the first coat very lightly but i could barely tell that any spray was on the lights at all...so i did a thicker coat with slower strokes and it all globbed up and started to run down the lights in huge drops and then almost instantly dries!! :bang: :bang: once dry, its permanent because its just too much work to get it off without damaging the plastic lights (possibly wet sanding and a LOT of nail polish remover with hours of rubbing could get some layers off ?:shrug:)

    i tried EVERYTHING to get the globs off...first dunked the lights in water, but that only made weird gray bubbles everywhere, then i tried paint thinner, then tar and bug remover, then scracth remover, then a razor, then finally nail polish....you have to rub an Unbelieveable amount to get any of the tint off with nail polish remover. ... 3-5 minutes rubbing just to get a square inch semi clean but still horribly messed up looking.

    ....then my friend came over and said why dont you just paint over all the globs even darker, so i said screw it, and i did! and it actually worked! its so thick and globby that it leveled out the whole surface and i got them to have a really dark tint so i guess i can say im happy that i was able to still use these lights. :D

    heres a few pics of the different levels between some of the coats and then some final result pics at the end with my car washed and waxed. you can still see the red in the sun, but in the shade, they look nearly pitch black. :nice: oh and i painted the 3rd center brake light.



    in the sun:




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  2. wow nice ride......they just dont look right for some reason, i guess i am used to just seeing the black out light be shiny??

    but nice

  3. thanks!

    ...and yea, thats the other thing im not sure i like... they have a dull texture to them and are not shiny/glossy like the decals you can buy...
  4. i dont like them...they ruin the look of your car. i think you should get some new ones and leave them stock or lightly tint them.
  5. it doesnt look bad IMO....but they need some shine. You may want to buy some clear coat and spray over it just to see what happens.

    Car still looks :drool: though...and dang what camera do you have? Thats freegin sweet how it JUST focuses in your car!
  6. what are the other options for tinting your tailights and headlights? are there good covers or would you guys recommend the decal type? links?
  7. my god your car is nice, i think its my favorite on this site, but yeah they look dull man, u shoulda gone for the vinyl ones. find em at fordpower.net i believe

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  8. Good luck with the CHP Cory.

    Looks good!!!
  9. just color sand the lights wet with 1200-2000 grit wet sandpaper and then buff them with a buffer and they will be just like BRAND NEW!!! trust me im a painter a bodyshop.
  10. Quoted for truth. Although I don't know what 'color sand' means .... Whatever you do, don't use anything like laquer thinner or the like because that stuff will eat plastic alive. Trust me.

    On another note, your car is effing sweet! :nice:
  11. color sanding is the same thing as wet sanding but a different term.

    but do that and then buff them out and i would think it would bring the shine back because after all you basically just painted them with a translucent paint like a candy color.
  12. I agree, neat pics. I don't think the lights don't look that bad but they could be brightened up a little to offset the chrome wheels.
  13. Picture.jpg

    i like my niteshades spray. if you put it on in LIGHT COATS like the directions tell you to you wont have any problems. also a good clear coat will bring the shine out!!! try the wetsanding and then clear those babys. i think they look good on your car!!:nice:

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  14. thanks!
    i wish my camera did that like one of those rebels or any expensive digital camera, mine is just a regular plain ol' 4 mega pixel cannon, but i blurred the backgrounds a lil in photoshop in a couple of the pics.

    and i think i will actually try to spray a lil clear coat on it to see if i can get it to shine more, but the dull rugged look is kinda growing on me. looks beastly IMO. and in a few more days i hope i get it back from the shop with my s281 wing :D :D

    and for those of you who say i shoulda gone a bit lighter, i really like how dark they are and dont really care for that maroon color they turn wen u tint them really lightly... they match my 5% tint as well, and soon the side windows and windshield will be tinted again :D
  15. your car looks sick all around:drool:

    and those tails being that dark make is look mean

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  16. thanks!!:D its nice to hear someone likes my car. what do you think about removing the ford emblem from the trunk?? would that help clean up the rear a little??
  17. Where can you get this stuff at?

    I used something similar on my Jeep on the turn signals and side markers. It had a glossy finish and looked sick as hell. Only problem was that its not made for the weather and I would need to re-apply it every once and a while.

    As for the Niteshades being permanent... paint thinner wouldnt take it off? I cant tell you how many times I took the other spray stuff off my signals without damaging the plastic.


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  18. looks pretty good! Just watch out for Santa Clara cops, they can be pretty picky with mods :nonono:

    oh yeah, there's a couple of cool parking garages in Los Gatos that pretty nice for some pics. I used them for my Mach 1, probably the best I took :D
  19. Army MI? I take it you're at DLI?
  20. Looks good nice car Trueblue! :nice: