Disappointed with VHT Nite-Shades - Washed/Waxed Pics

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  1. thanks man....yeaaa those cops do get annoying. but on a side note...
    i remember you sayin somethin earlier to me about santa clara cops... did you live there or go to school there? did you know i went to santa clara univ?? lol
  2. is it wrong that I wanna rape your car? :shrug:

    seriously, your car is the reason I tell people with true blue to go with chrome rims. Very nice :nice:
  3. How much is the light output affected with them being that dar?

    Down here in SoCal, people have a hard enough time seeing the brake lights with no tinting... if I were to do that I'd probably be asking for some dumba$$ to destroy my rear bumper because he didn't see the bright lights of my brakes.
  4. Your car = Teh Win!
    Sooo sickly mean looking. I think it would clean it up a bit to take that Ford emblem off. Just my .02
  5. You should be able to clean them up pretty good. I went with the 50% vinyl from autobadges.


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  6. steeda rims :drool: :drool:

    i'd say the light output has been cut down to about 60% of the original brightness :doh:

    i think im going to see if i can find some kind of clear coat or somethin to make it a lil glossier. now that my car is gettin the s281 spoiler, the lights now look pitch black under the wing because it provides a lil shade for them. haha i dont know if this is good or bad yet....but heres a lil preview of what its gonna look like :D :D


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  7. how much was that spioler?? i think i might switch my s351 for that one
  8. you can get the s281 wing off of speedworx.com for 179.99 :nice:

    BUT expect absolutely terrible fitment and quality with the s281 wing. my first wing was pitted and cracked and warped so bad, 6 body shops refused to touch it. so i argued with saleen for nearly 2 months to get the one i have now... its rough, but in the end i know i will love the look, so im stickin with the s281 wing.
  9. so the speedworx is better than the saleen?
  10. well actually, speedworx sells authentic saleen parts. i just recommended them because of their prices, and their customer service. hanley motorsports is also a good place to buy it from. :nice:

    i was just tryin to warn you a lil that the s281 wings arrive in pretty bad shape....the shop whos doin mine estimates over $500 :eek: but i'm tryin to talk him down a bit.
  11. Just graduating tomorrow, actually. :)
  12. Hey congrats on the graduation!! Fellow MI guy here, but I'm sweating my arse off over in Iraq. Only 5 weeks left though!!! Then I'm off to be an instructor in Arizona
  13. Is it a steeda embelem?

    I tried to remove my for badge on the back but there was a hole there but IMO it doesnt look out of place at all and id prolly keep it.:nice:
  14. yea its a steeda emblem.:nonono: i need to take that off.
  15. I'll be there soon enough; I deploy ~August.

    Ah, teaching at Arizona. I know what that means. :)
  16. born and raised in the shadow of Great America :nice: I went to SJ State though. Yeah, I had all sort sof run-ins with valley cops. They loved my Cobra :nonono:
  17. u need to fix your driver side tail pipe dude:nonono:

    I've been tellin everyone to just spend $10 on Vinyl tint from Walmart.
    Did it year ago, and still look nice as day i did

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  18. the tail pipe has been fixed about a month ago. i tried the walmart static cling tint but it started peeling in the corners. not too bad for spending $3 at wally world though. i just decided to use the nite shades and it worked great
  19. is there really a hole behind the ford emblem?
  20. clearcoat them