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  1. I have an 02 Mustang GT. I hit a deer the other day and while making repairs noticed what looks to be a crossmember under the car that is bent. It is under the bellhousing. The trans doesn't connect to it. It just connects the L&R frame rails together. The part # ID is 5B112. I need another one of these cause the one I have is bent. Where can I find one? Aftermarket available?
  2. If it is the K member brace, that I think it is, Maximum Motorsport offers one that is more rigid than the stock piece. Otherwise hit the scrap yards.
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  3. not a k member.

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  4. I sent you a link via e-mail.

    The piece you have there is a k member brace, not the entire k member. That is the stock Ford piece. Max MS sells one that is much stronger. They also sell a complete k member but that's not really necessary to replace that one brace piece.

    MMs brace mounts in four places to firm up the front end more than the two point factory piece.
  5. Alright man! Thanks
  6. UPR sells one too I believe.