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  1. tried to use the discount code on and it said it's not valid anymore.

    What is the new promo code?
  2. use search for this, they had to change it because it was all over google.
  3. Shoot a PM to AMNick for a code. It was posted on when it was meant for StangNet members only. Details can be found here.
  4. yep i just ordered from them and had to message nick to get the code. So message him and youll be set.
  5. How many times did you have to message him?
  6. Ah so thats why it won't work. Does anyone know if you can give this code over the phone when you call the 1-800 number to order or do you have to order over the internet to be able to use it because Ive always been kinda iffy about giving credit card information over the internet.
  7. i did find out they have a 40% employee discount code is gullable
  8. chefalan please edit your post so it doesnt get locked up again.

    There was a thread specifically asking NO ONE to post the codes online.
  9. i guess i missed the memo
  10. They won't for long. I'll be letting Nick know that discount codes are again being distributed. Thanks for doing exactly what one of our site sponsors who allow the site to exist asked you not to do. :rolleyes:
  11. well lets see, ive been a member here for all of 2 weeks! as a matter of fact i found out about these codes on another mustang forum so great job keeping a secret you douche bag! i dont think you'll have have a career in espionage
  12. And with that attitude, you won't be a member for very long. Enjoy the infraction you just earned.
  13. how many more till i get detention?
  14. chefalan23=Ban?
  15. Enjoy the timeout chefalan23.
  16. Agreed.
  17. :owned:

    I guess that StangNet Vacation is a bit more permanent now! :D
  18. can someone pm the code to me? about to order the motive bearing kit.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.