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  1. is offering a forum member discount as a perk to active forum members. We're happy to hook our forum members up, but there have been a few issues with the codes being shared with non-forum members or posted online, so there are a few guidelines that we follow.

    For everybody's sake, please don't share or post any discount or coupon codes here or elsewhere online. These codes are meant for the forum only, and failure to follow this rule will result in a permanent deletion of the discount code. Please don't ruin this special discount for your fellow forum members.

    If you would like the code, please PM me (AMStanger), and I will provide it for any active member with over 50 post count whose user account is in good standing. To discourage wanton posting of useless replies, if you have under 50 posts but have valid on-topic posts and have been a member for a while, I may share the code at my discretion. Please don't share the code with anyone, even other forum members. If you see someone requesting the code, please refer them to me. I'm always happy to hand out the code. Please don't request the code in a thread or call our Customer Service number, as the code is only available through a PM to me. That's right, the only way to get the code is to send me a PM.

    Short Version:

    Discount Code Do’s:
    PM AMStanger To Request Code

    Discount Code Do Not’s:
    Share/Post Code
    Request Code In Open Forum
    Call or Email AM To Request

    aka Emily
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.