Discount Tires Took off Good Tires, Did they Damage Bead? Pics

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  1. Had perfectly good tires took off my benz for some winter driving in chicago and thought I would defer to you guys. This was this morning at a discount tire. (both tires are damaged in a similair fashion, in one place only...but again very very similair)

    Are my tires screwed? These things still have 7/32nd's tread left. Should I go back and make a stink? I'd just like to know what I'm looking at here before I do anything. Thanks Everybody......


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  2. That won't hold air anymore. I would take them back.
  3. so.......went back last night with one tire just to show them because I was going to be driving by anyways on another errand and the guy looked and said oh ya, thats not going to hold air. I told him I'll come back tomorrow and we will figure it out. I was not prepared to talk compensation when I went in because I had no idea if it was in fact a throw away situation right now. The only thing I know is i was going to sell those for about $ we will see what happens
  4. Good luck man, may want to speak directly with a manager when you come in. I know Discount has members on other forums so if you are on those you may want to shoot them a message and see what they have to say as well if you don't get the answer you're looking for.
  5. Technically speaking the tire will still hold air no problem. The tear isn't where the tire seals against the wheel so it wouldn't cause a leak. I see it all the time and its normally done when someone doesn't know what they are doing while dismounting/mounting the tire or not using any lube.
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