Discovery's "street Outlaws"

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  1. Horrible.
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  2. Pretty well sums it up.
  3. Yeah but it's still fun to watch.
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  4. I honestly can't get into the car based television. I used to watch two guys garage and all of that years and years ago. Anymore, all of these tv shows seem to be unrealistic and otherwise horrible. If I want to watch some real racing I will just head to the track. If I'm looking to see how a project is turning out or want to watch something be built I simply walk out into the garage.

    I can't relate to the unlimited budget that these tv networks have and the work that the tv hosts pretend to do.

    Over and Out
  5. Yeah the "horsepower tv" type are 30 min infomercials and the "reality" type are just plain BS. Any of you a-holes from OK on "The List?"
  6. I miss Pass Time
  7. You mean it's BS that people like Nick @84Ttop and @srtthis aren't putting their incredibly expensive 7/8 second cars on trailers and looking to illegally drag race them on un-prepped roads and winner gets to cut the loser sleeves off? Come on Nick, you know you rev on the ricer geeks on the way back from Taco Bell and throw half eaten Dorito Loco Taco on their windshield
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  8. @FoxMustangLvr I have personally seen some very radical cars raced on the street for some serious amounts of money but that scene is nothing like what they portray on the tv show. I personally don't condone street racing and refuse to be a part of it with my car. I may however be guilty of reving my engine at hondas and picking on street bikes all while choking on a Doritos Locos Taco.

    @90lxwhite A friend of mine has actually tried to get involved in some racing with the "farm truck" He has gone as far as contacting the tv network and is willing to take his truck out to OK from NJ and would legitimately be able to hang with the crowd out there. They have refused his offer on more than one occasion which doesn't lend the tv show to having much credibility in my eyes.

    My personal experience with the murder nova guy (i've seen 20 minutes of one episode and am no means the authority on "street outlaws")
    We were out at the PRI show last year and they had the murder nova at the show on display. There were some very good looking asian women that were working for one of the manufactures there looking at the nova. The owner walks over (with his over inflated head) and asks them "do you know who I am?" they all replied with a no and he actually looked pissed off that they didn't know who he was. This was priceless! My buddy walks over to the crowd and started to ask him questions about the "illegal" street racing and he proceeded to tell us that the police are contracted to close the roads that they film on and such (like we all couldn't figure that out anyway) that conversation quickly turned to him bragging about his new sponsor Precision turbo. Congrats @sshat on letting a little success in the tv world go to your head. Maybe we could have the show renamed OK Shore and the stigma can be shifted away from NJ, lol
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  9. Those guys were filming up here in st. Peters a week or two ago, had the cops shut down the road they were gonna use, which is more proof of how completely fake that show is.
  10. This.

    I usually watch every car show available but this one I'll have to pass on.
  11. I actually like to watch them race. Some mean cars involved with that show. The "people" on there I could care less. Their "fastest street racer" bs gets old quick but I find the show entertaining enough to watch. It also reminds me when I was young and stupid. Used to "street race" for cash a lot in the early 90's. That was when a 12 sec street car was one of the quickest/badest around.
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  12. Y'all didn't think it was fake when they have races you see sunbelt rentals temp light poles that shine the roads like a airport freeway. I'm sure if they were illegal they wouldn't let the cops see them from miles away lol. The only time I really thought there was truth was when doc got caught with his new motor doing a test
  13. There are definitely some parts of that show that are pretty sketchy. Ive heard from one of jeff lutz's crew on facebook that they are on their own for testing, meaning no permits or anything like that, and the night racing is all done with supervision. The episode where the beetle raced the lambo and GTR was something that i dont think should have aired. Racing down the turn lane in the middle of the day with minivans coming head on is a pretty dumb thing to put on TV and make kids think it is cool.

    With all that said, i still enjoy the show. Its like watching a hopped up cash days DVD. The cars are fast and anyone that can make something on that level hook with only a burnout and som pimp juice impresses me.
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  14. I don't think any "adults" believe the show to be true. Of course it's staged especially when a "middle of nowhere" road has portable stadium type lighting like @MikeH686 is speaking of you know it's a BS show. The only people that may believe it are naive 16 y/o boys that also believe illegal street races look like the scenes from Fast & Furious.
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  15. The only real car show I think is Gearz with Stacey David. It's him and a few helpers and he builds everything in that shop by himself. I've met him a few times and the guy is real. Except for that terrible hair and laugh, he's ok.

    I used to watch Sam and Dave years ago on 2 guys garage, now they have these 2 assclowns. All of the "powerblock' shows are ridiculous. Mega money thrwon at cars that underperform and underwhelm. Those guys have every imagineable tool and equipment at their disposal and still produce crap. GMG are a bunch of butchers that is fake- all of those sales are scripted and phony- except for the auctions where they lose their azz. Car Warriors with Jim Shine is another joke- half assed builds that are unsafe and ugly as sin- and totally scripted. Chop,Cut, rebuild - another too much money for brains show where rich Bentley owners throw out six figures to have someone else build them a car.
  16. Some of the shows have been decent in the past and have done budget builds and have done high budget builds. Who wants to watch people build low budget POS cars all the time. If I want a dose of low budget reality I'd walk into my garage.

    I used to enjoy watching Overhaulin when it first started. I like Fooses designs and the builds where decent and some lucky person got a pretty sick ride for free at the end of the show. He's a talent for sure but the show got old and all of his designs are looking the same after about 8-10 years on TV which i'm sure is normal. I'm sure there's some corners that get cut when you completely flip a car in 7 days but that final product is still a solid car when he's done.
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  17. most of this i agree with, except for ccr, which to me is alot like a televised version of a magazine like car craft or hot rod. yeah, its all shop builds (so are most of the mag builds), and a lot of product placement, but its a good behind-the-scenes show that can show what CAN be done.

    never did like those shadetree guys after they changed the name of the show, and trucks back when it was stacey and the other guy was kinda cool (as was horsepower back then, dunno wtf happened there).
  18. Now that speed channel is gone they all got the axe for the most part. I miss the Speed channel. FS1 isn't cutting it for me however MAV TV airs a lot of MotoX & trophy truck offroad races and other goodies that Speed nor FS1 consistently aired. MAV TV is owned by Lucas Oil.
  19. Show is a joke. Cars are fast. Its all pretty much staged. They have raced some bad cars and still come out on top. Guys like Gypsy Mike don't lose. That said I still watch it. An hour show for 5 minutes of racing.
  20. Me too but I always wished there were more street cars racing or "streetish" cars rather than 1,000 horse rails and what not.