Discovery's "street Outlaws"

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  1. You guys aren't serious are you? Honestly, anoyone who hates on the show honestly does so because they know they would lose. Of course they run those races on closesd courses. The Discovery franchise has a ton of liability; they have to run closes courses to film. All of Season 1 was shot at a closed airport. It's not like they are prepping the crap out of the road and setting up a Christmas Tree though. The cars are honestly fast. All of those guys have been on fuel****.com for years. Of course they put up a ton of lights to film; it has nothing to do with racing, and a lot more to do with the fact that no one would tune into a show about dim tail lights disappearing into a black background. Now Chi-town is complaining that they didn't air the chit-town races becuse the OKC guys lost when in reality they lost one race and then got weathered out. Bottom line is that they have to compete with 180 other reality TV shows; they have to add in a little bit of drama and a bit of TV nonsense. Of course you could always go back to watching the latest Kardashian reality flick where Kim is complaining that she might hook up with a guy with a small dick that night. As for me, I'd rather watch cars race on a closed unprepped road where they present no danger to the public. It's very hard to fake a street race. It's televeision, except it for what it is.

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  2. I honestly would like to think that with a little suspension tuning and a few days of testing I would legitimately be able to hang with a few of these cars... still hate the show
  3. There are a few of those cars that don't really deserve King status. However, the fastest car on that show is honestly the Murder Nova. Shawn has been making call outs for years on fuelsl-t. There are videos on youtube from a few years back of that car making 1/8th mile passes with the old ProCharger and carb setup on the track that would put it in mid 7 second range if it went the full quarter mile. I wouldn't go out on a limb and say it's the fastest street car in the world, but it would definitely be a driver's race with any of the fastest. I have no doubt that you could hang with the small tire cars, but all of the big tire cars on that show are legitimately insane. I just want to see a Ford powered Mustang do well on the show one time.

  4. I watched a DVRed show of SO tonight. Behold, everyone was wearing precision turbo swag and two more of them have swapped over to turbos. The show has way too much drama, but it is a car show, so I will watch it. I do fast forward through a lot of the nonsense.

  5. I tired, I tried hard. It was late and there was nothing else on I was struggling to get into it so I wouldn't have to watch the guy from Air Supply try and sell me soft rock of the 70's for 4 ez payments of $49.95. Soft rock won.
  6. Wow..soft rock really?
  7. It was time for bed.
  8. But c'mon man big tire street cars!? As for the Fords performing; hate to say it but the world may sooner know how many licks to the center of the tootsie pop.
  9. 90lxwhite...umm you shouldn't comment a lot about race cars. It seems to me you're more of a nice street driver kinda owner. Nothing wrong with that. If race cars don't do anything for you that show definitely isn't for you. 84ttop would hang/beat most of those cars on the track. I know that truck and nova are 7sec 1/4 mile cars and most are 8sec cars. And soft rock is no good except I guess to fall asleep:zzz:
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  10. It's common knowledge for a street racer older than the thirty somethings to be familiar with the OKC guys, and the Chi town guys. They are well known nation wide from waaay back. Discovery is just cashing in...finally. Back around 02 Chi town came to Houston and left with a lot of the street king's money. And those guys were serious heavy hitters. was the conduit back then, but HPD cracked down so hard it all went away. I chuckle at the folks on this site that run a 9 or a 10 second pass and smack talk that show..
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  11. Race cars are cool I just don't have one. Also the show seems hardly about the cars. I haven't watched it enough to know but does it ever mention much about what the cars have done to em or is it just a fat guy, an azn, and a redneck arguing?

  12. Here's that one race if any of you were interested in seeing it.


    He goes by the name Tuff Enuff, I got a chance to talk to him after this race went down, he said that as soon as he won that race OKC pretty much packed up their cars and Derek (the loud mouth with the 3rd gen Camaro) ran his mouth for 45min until it started raining. They could of gotten a few more races in. This is just what I was told. Not sure how much truth is in it or any at all. Chicago went to meet OKC on neutral ground to try and get it done again. That didn't happen. There's a lot of he said she said drama BS going on FB I've seen because I'm friends with Tuff Enuff on there but I really don't feel like getting into that. As for the show I watch it because I like watching races and fast cars.
  13. Show is complete bs . Want to see those guys before the fame with blood sweat and tears in there cars watch the cash days videos on youtube with them now those are entertaining.
  14. The cars are sweet and the races entertaining however when the show first came on and I saw advertisements for it they led us to believe (from the commercials I saw) that it was about illegal street racing and avoiding police like any "normal" illegal street racing conditions. Just another hyped up show by Discovery. Now that I've actually watched a complete show I kinda like it but not enough to set it up on my DVR or go out of my way to view it. I know how Discovery works and they meddle too much and manipulate to get rating ,anybody remember OCC? Then Jr vs Sr. Ended badly.
  15. Option 3... turn the damned TV off until someone invents a show worth watching. I for one will not be holding my breath in anticipation of such a show. Writers and producers alike, are all brain dead. There's nothing original in recent memory. There are only rehashed of the same Ole garbage.

    Oh wait.... :chin. I've got it! Let's make them race naked on a deserted island! :shrug:
  16. Don't look at me, I cancelled my cable because there was nothing on.

    And hell yeah big tires on a street car. That's the only thing street racing has going for it, there are no equipment rules. All the drag racing series have been ruined by restrictions. You can only run this much tire, you can only have a single 88mm inlet turbo, you have to weigh exactly this much and no less. Now you have to spend $250,000 to build a car for one specific racing series, and it's worthless for anything else. I would love to see the NMRA set up a series called "I think I can beat you." That being said, I can't grasp the addiction to street racing. I can't imagine getting my whole life wrapped up in something like that.

    I saw the Chi-town call out video, someone posted it on Facebook. It pretty much goes exactly like you said. Obviously I don't even have second hand knowledge of what actually happened, but I think it's highly unlikely that they would pack up after losing one race if there weren't extenuating circumstances.

  17. Did you miss Breaking Bad? Genius show!! Also Son of Anarchy!!! Awesome shows and great writing and acting.
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  18. Watched all of Breaking Bad on Netflix. Excellent series. I tried Son's of Anarchy and couldn't get into it.

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  19. I watch the show. I enjoy it. But I've been following the MWSC guys since way before the show. I think any one of us would take that paycheck if discovery wanted to put us on tv. Just my humble opinion.
  20. I think too many people take car shows and movies too serious.
    First and foremost, it's entertainment meant to deliver ratings, not facts.

    Street outlaws if followed from the beginning is in fact entertaining. Not going to win any oscars any time soon, but good enough to watch for an hour on monday nights. I like to watch them race, my wife (who is NOT a car person) enjoys the drama. So it's a good show for us.

    I'm sure at this point the entire country is calling them out. But let's be realistic, they can't race everyone.